‘The Heart & Soul of Hotel Chelsea’ ~ Opening at Ilon Art Gallery, Harlem



photo by Linda Troeller at the Chelsea Hotel. Image via Ilon Art Gallery website.

We are looking forward to what’s up next up at Ilon Art Gallery  ~  The Heart and Soul of Hotel Chelsea: photographs by Linda Troeller, opening on November 10th.

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Magnum Photos ~ Inside Out at Hunter College



Image, Susan Meiselas, Hanging out on Baxter Street, Little Italy, NYC, 1978: Susan Meiselas/Magnum Photos

Magnum Photos Inside Out, a one-day event, held on Friday, October 27th at The Roosevelt House Public Policy Institute at Hunter College.

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Jean-François Rauzier: Hyperphotos at Waterhouse & Dodd



Babel Kircher NYC, Jean-Francois Rauzier. Image via Waterhouse & Dodd

The internationally acclaimed French photographer, Jean-François Rauzier opens the exhibition Jean-François Rauzier: Hyperphotos at Waterhouse & Dodd New York (pop-up location) this week, with his artistic exploration of landscape and architecture in iconic Cities, including our own. Taking place at the tale end of Archtober, the exhibit debuts a selection of new works just completed in Cuba, images of New York City, Chicago, and various spectacular locations in France, to name a few.

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Keith de Lellis Gallery Opens Its Doors in New Location with the Exhibit ~ Vintage Photographs of New York City Architecture by Paul J. Woolf



Paul J. Woolf, Broadway, c. 1935. Image via Keith De Lellis Gallery

Paul J. Woolf: Vintage Photographs of New York City Architecture, will be the first exhibit in a new location for the Keith de Lellis Gallery ~  41 East 57th Street, Suite 703.  The exhibit will open on October 26 and be on view to November 25, 2017.

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Through The Lens of Rose Hartman at National Arts Club



Rose Hartman, photo by Otis. Image via indiegogo.com

Oh, this is going to be fun….Through The Lens of Rose Hartman will open at The National Arts Club on October 2nd.

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Harlem Arts Festival Presents “Spiritual Connections” Exhibition at Harlem Properties



Image via Harlem Arts Festival (HAF)

Harlem Arts Festival has established a new partnership with Harlem Properties, utilizing its gallery space to showcase local artists and establish a creative hub for its roster of multi-disciplinary acclaimed artists.  To officially begin its partnership, Harlem Arts Festival has announced its latest exhibition entitled “Spiritual Connections”, an exhibition that will be the first in a series of exhibitions taking place throughout the year at the gallery. This collective of work explores subcultures hidden among mainstream cultural traditions through photography and art.

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Brooklyn Photographs at BRIC



Sergio Purell, courtesy of the artist and ARt3 Gallery, Brooklyn via bricartsmedia.org

Eleven photographers come together to celebrate Brooklyn from the late 1960s to present day. Walk through a childhood in Williamsburg in the 1960s, Halloween in the 1970s, and Bushwick street life in the 1980s. Turning a page, the exhibit will also address gentrifying landscapes, examining the importance of photography as documentation, and reflecting on the continuous changes in these neighborhoods.

September 7 to October 29, 2017

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Quin Arts at The Quin Hotel on 57th Street



The Quin lobby 15-foot Video Wall, featuring interactive compositions created by Artists-in-Residence + other creative partners

Have you walked through the lobby of The Quin this month?  In addition to the hotel’s permanent collection, distributed throughout, the lobby and drawing room are  exhibiting  Soren Solkaer: Heart Beat City  which runs from top to bottom, enveloping the large, comfortable space in color. The Danish photographer, Solkaer, who is known for his distinctive portraits of musicians, currently has two seperate exhibits at The Quin.  In addition to Soren Solkaer: Heart Beat City, the exhibit SURFACE, taken from his fine art photography book by the same name, is also on view.  Below are a few photos of Quin Arts current exhibits, and several other pieces done by Artists-in-Residence, now part of a permanent collection.  I do believe we caught the curator, DK Johnston, on the couch to the right.

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The International Center of Photography Presents ~ Generation Wealth



Jackie and friends with Versace handbags at a private opening at Versace store in Beverly Hill, 2007. Photo: Lauren Greenfield. Image via ICP

Money…money…money….M O N E Y  How does it influence you?  The exhibit Generation Wealth by Lauren Greenfield examines “the pervasive influence of money, status, and celebrity in America and abroad” at the International Center of Photography.  This is the first major retrospective of Greenfield’s work, and will feature nearly 200 photographs, interviews, and documentary film footage investigating this “elusive promise of happiness.”

September 20 to January 7, 2018

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Framing Community: Magnum Photos, 1947 – Present



Werner Bischof. a Magnum Photos meeting in Paris. From L-R, Robert Papa – Maria Eisner – Alberto Mondador (Epoca) – Ernst Haas – (standing) George Rodger – Joan Bush – David Seymour – Leonard Spooner (illustrated) Werner Bischof, France, 1950. Image via magnum photos.com

Continuing the celebration of Magnum Photos 70th Anniversary, the exhibit Framing Community, Magnum Photos, 1947-Present explores the history of this iconic photo agency and its community of photographers, who, for 70 years, have had their cameras pointed at the World. Organized into four thematic sections: Longing for Community, Shifting Community, Contested Territories, and Displaced Community, the exhibition includes works by photographers Bruno Barbey, René Burri, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Bruce Davidson, Bieke Depoorter, Carl de Keyzer, Paul Fusco, Jim Goldberg, Thomas Hoepker, Josef Koudelka, Susan Meiselas, Alessandra Sanguinetti, David Seymour, Alec Soth, Larry Towels, Peter van Agtmael and Alex Webb.

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Flow.17 Opens on Randall’s Island

Flow.17 on Randall’s Island

Join 2017 FLOW artist Rose DeSiano on Saturday, October 21 from 2:00-3:00pm and learn about this year’s FLOW art pieces, discuss the history of the Island, and talk about photographic composition and story-telling. Bring your camera and capture island images. This is a free event. Meet on Randall’s Island Connector.

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