Boy Kong: Artificial Lily at Gitler & ____


Grand Slam, 2017, artist Roy Kong. Image courtesy of Gitler & __


The colorful and whimsical images of the artist, Boy Kong will be opening at Gitler & __   on September 9th, with a new exhibit entitled, Boy Kong: Artificial Lily ~ a mix of  wall-mounted and freestanding sculptures.

“In this latest body of work, Kong further explores and experiments with his own distinct approach to cubist portraiture, depicting figures composed of fluid anatomy and radioactive color, intertwining within themselves as limbs and related extremities naturally give way to other forms.”

What’s the Talking Without the…., artist Boy Kong. Image courtesy of Gitler & __

Kong’s work is a blend of Ukiyo-e, surrealism, graffiti art, and animal folklore, much of which is inspired by his own culture, a mix of Chinese and Vietnamese.

Boy Kong, a self-taught painter, muralist, and collage artist, splits his time between Orlando, Florida and NYC.  This is Kong’s fourth consecutive September exhibition at Gitler & __.

Match Feelings, 2017, artist Boy Kong. Image courtesy of Gitler & __

Boy Kong: Artificial Lily will be on view from September 9 to October 11th, with an Opening Reception Saturday, September 9th from 6:00-9:00pm at Gitler & __,  3629 Broadway, between 149/150th Streets in Hamilton Heights.


































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