Three on 3 Presents ~ Celebrates 8 Years!

Three on 3 Presents will celebrate 8 years with a musical collaboration from February 1-24 at two locations.

Purchase Tickets for:

Robert L. Sims, Baritone – Spiritual Masterclass, at Convent Avenue Baptist Church, 420 West 145th Street

A Symposium on the Spiritual with Dr. Roland Carter, Convent Avenue Baptist Church, 420 West 145th Street

Jasmine Muhammad, Soprano with Christopher Cooley, Piano, Mount Morris Ascension Presbyterian Church

Harriet Tubman: When I have Crossed That Line to Freedom – A Chamber Version, Mount Morris Ascension Presbyterian Church

The Harlem Classical Music Celebration (HCMC) will present the works of renowned operatic and spiritual composers in symposium and in concert with gifted developing and international classical singers and lecturers. The second annual collaboration of Opera Ebony, Three on 3 Presents, Opera Noire of New York, The Harlem Chamber Players and Harlem Opera Theater, in recognition of Black History Month; all events will be held in Harlem.

Three on 3 Presents Music Series presents artists who perform all genres of music.  The concerts have been dynamic and well received.  Ticket prices only cover a fraction of producing these concerts and we ask your continued support. No amount is too small and every dollar is appreciated and will be acknowledged.

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