The Future: A Year-Long Exploration at The Rubin Museum



Scenes from the Life of Padmasambhava; Tibet; 19th century; Pigments on cloth; Rubin Museum of Art; C2007.16.1 (HAR 81832 )

From February 23 to December 31, 2018, viewers will be invited to step into a world where past, present, and future exist all at once  ~  The Future: A Year-Long Exploration at The Rubin Museum.

Thumbnail Image: Shezad Dawood, House 1, 2016, acrylic, screenprint, and textile on canvas, 63 x 43 3/4 in. (160 x 111 cm); Tantric Wallpaper, wallpaper, 2016; Courtesy of Timothy Taylor Gallery, London

This spectacular year-long Event will feature exhibitions, talks, programs and experiences “unpacking our commonly held ideas about the future.”  What does your future hold?  “Come find out at the Rubin Museum of Art! at The Future is Fluid Fete on February 22nd. Glimpse your future with interactive forecasting, such as Tibetan and Vedic astrology, tarot cards, I-Ching, and other surprising museum experiences. Celebrate the opening of our yearlong thematic exploration of the future and be among the first to see the exhibitions The Second Buddha: Master of Time, A Lost Future, and A Monument for the Anxious and Hopeful by Candy Chang.

Experience the future at the Rubin with a free opening celebration, A Night of Forward-Thinking Art and Experiences on Friday, February 23rd.

Step into a past life on Wednesday, February 7th at Communicating with Our Past Selves. Celebrate Himalayan New Year on Sunday, February 18th at Losar Family Day.

You are about to enter into a future that isn’t fixed, but fluid. Here is what to expect in talks, films, mind & body, audio & music + more, in the month of February.

Exhibitions Include:

February 2 ~ The Second Buddha

February 10  ~  A Monument for the Anxious and Hopeful

February 23  ~  A Lost Future

The Program Series will include:

Brainwave: The Future is Fluid

Cabaret Cinema: Where Movies & Martinis Mix

Benefit Events

Suspending Time: Pentacle Dance Series

Suspending Time: Pentacle Dance Series. Photo credit Beth Gill Photography by Maria Baranova.

The Future: A Year-Long Exploration will take place from February 23 to December 31, 2018 at The Rubin Museum, 150 West 17th Street.  Check The Rubin Museum for update on schedule of events.

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