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Artists from L-R, Jeremy Vega @BadGarcia; Giannina Gutierrez @artbygia; and Ralph Serrano @ARTeoMuerto ~ The White Park Mural, East Harlem

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at White Park, August 19, 2015

On August 19, 2015, the newly renovated White Park held a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, presenting the surrounding East Harlem community with a $3 million renovation that included new playground equipment, checker & chess tables, new handball court and basketball court ~ with a bare back wall wider than the depth of the adjoining building.  The perfect canvas for a Mural. Follow along with images of the White Park Mural Project as we take you from beginning to end.

The Community gathered to meet the artists. Image via Connie Lee, President-Public Art Initiative/Marcus Garvey Park Alliance.

The Public Art Initiative, a program created by the Marcus Garvey Park Alliance, was commissioned to curate and facilitate the Mural project.  As an organization with an extensive history sponsoring art installations and initiatives throughout the community, it was no surprise that in short order, a call to local mural artists went out, and three were chosen ~ Jeremy Vega @badgarcia ~ Gianna Gutierrez @artbygia ~ and Ralph Serrano @ARTeoMuerto.  Below, the artists being introduced to their new canvas at a community gathering in the Park, where the neighbors had a chance to meet the artists.

July 23, 2017

Beginning their work on September 10th, below are a few images showing their progress.  Stay tuned – we will be updating weekly.

September 10, 2017
September 12, 2017
September 12, 2017 Giannina Gutierrez @artbygia
September 12, 2017. Ralph Serrano #ARTeoMuerte
September 12, 2017 Jeremy Vega @BadGarcia
September 12, 2017

Checking in on September 15th

Giannina Gutierrez @artbygia
Giannina Gutierrez @artbygia
Ralph Serrano @ARTeoMuerto
ralph serrano @ARTeoMuerto
September 15, 2017

White Park is located between East 105th-106th Streets, just East of Lexington Avenue. It is named for the renowned civil rights activist and author, Walter White (1893-1955) and has been a playground since the early part of the twentieth century, initially owned by the Italian Benevolent Institute.  In 1936, the park was acquired by the City of New York. The recent renovation by the City included new playground equipment, new swings, slides, handball courts, and a new basketball courts that hosts summer basketball tournaments.

Ralph Serrano @ARTeoMuerte

The White Park Mural Project is presented by NYC Parks Art in the Parks, and the Public Art Initiative, a program created by the Marcus Garvey Park Alliance. The installation is produced in partnership with Friends of White Park and Friends of Art Park Alliance, with funding provided by the Fund for Public Health NYC on behalf of the Department of Health.

On tap next month at the Public Art Initiative, Atlas: The Third Millennium by artist Jorge Luis Rodriguez. Stay tuned.  Check out the Marcus Garvey Park Alliance calendar for Events in the Park.

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