#100GatesProject + NHEMA in El Barrio 2017-2018




andre trenier at sisters caribbean cuisine in East Harlem

During the summer of 2017, The 100 Gates Project and New Harlem East Merchant Association (NHEMA) teamed up to bring local artists together with local merchants, beautifying gates in and around East Harlem. The project, which also includes Staten Island, is part of the New York City Department of Small Business Service’s Neighborhood 360 grant opportunity program.

#100GatesProject, operated by the Lower East Side Partnership, has deep roots in the Lower East Side, and in the Fall of 2016, the project celebrated the 100th gate in the Lower East Side at none other than the iconic Katz’s Deli.

In 2017, the 100 Gates Project was awarded a grant from New York City Department of Small Business Service’s Neighborhood 360 program, to help support a pilot expansion of this community initiative, at which time the 100 Gates Project footprint expanded to included Staten Island and East Harlem.  Painting began in the Summer of 2017.

While all goals have been met, 100 Gates Project continues to connect local artists with local businesses. Below are images of the gates in East Harlem’s El Barrio, in celebration of reaching fifty painted gates, with the most recent gates painted first. Works in progress will continue through September, 2018.

Artist, BlusterOne for Computer Systems Provider, Inc., 2128 Second Avenue at 109th Street
Computer Systems Provider, Inc. Image courtesy #100GatesProject

James Alicea (BlusterOne) ~ a native New Yorker ~ is a graphic designer, illustrator and letter enthusiast. Follow Blusterone on Instagram.


Artist, James Top for Makana, 2245 First Avenue and Bp A List Cutz Barber Shop, 228 East 123rd Street
Image courtesy #100GatesProject

We know him as the Chief Executive Officer at James Top Productions and the gateway into The Graffiti Wall of Fame on 106th Street. But today, he is the artist at Makana and Cutz.  Follow James top on Facebook.

Artist, James top for BP A List Cutz Barber Shop 228 East 123rd Street


Artist, Andrew Harley at East 125th Bazaar Lot (next to 46 East 125th Street)
Artist, Andrew Harley painting the gate on the Bazaar Lot on East 125th Street

Artist, Andrew Harley beginning work on the gate covering the Bazaar Lot, next to 46 East 125th Street, and right behind a very busy bus stop. Lots of onlookers when we stopped by to say Hi!

Andrew Haley at Bazaar Lot in East Harlem for #100GatesProject

Follow along on Instagram & his fabulous website.

Andrew Harley for #100GatesProject in East Harlem
artist Andrew Haley at Bazaar Lot
Andrew Haley at Bazaar Lot for #100GatesProject. Image courtesy of the artist
Artist Andrew Haley at Bazaar 125 in East Harlem for #100GatesProject. Image courtesy of the artist.


Artist, Funquest at La Tropezianne Bakery, 2131 First Avenue, East Harlem
Artist Funquest. Image courtesy 100 Gates Project

Noticing Funquest artwork all over town! including another East Harlem gate, Direct Print in addition to one of our favorite East Harlem Bakery’s ~ La Tropezienne.


Artist, Noelle Timmons at Spice Hut, 2136 Second Avenue, East Harlem
Artist Noelle Timmons. Image courtesy of 100 Gates Project

Painting the gate for the Indian Restaurant, Spice Hut, the artist, Noelle Timmons. Follow her on her website


Artist, Dirt Cobain at RxCenter, 2325 First Avenue, East Harlem
Artist Dirt Cobain. Image courtesy 100 Gates Project

Corner gates for this popular pharmacy, RX Center. Follow the artist, Dirt Cobain @dirtcobain one Instagram.


Artist, Kumasi Barnett at Sword Class, 1944 Madison Avenue, East Harlem
Artist Kumasi Barnett. Image courtesy 100 Gates Project

The popular Sword Class, located on Madison Avenue between 124/125th Streets is sporting a perfect gate by artist, Kumasi Barnett. If you love comics, you’ll love this gate.


Artist, Sharon de la Cruz at Harlem Berry Beauty Lounge, 16 East 125th Street
Harlem Berry Beauty Lounge, 16 East 125th Street

Harlem Berry Beauty Lounge sports the work of Sharon Lee De La Cruz, who is Assistant Director of The Studio Lab, a creative tech lab at Princeton University.

Close-up of Harlem Berry & the work of artist Sharon Lee De La Cruz


Artist, John Carr #JCBKNYC running from 246 to 252 East 125th Street, between Third/Second Avenues
artist John Carr
Running from 246 to 252 East 125th Street, artist John Carr for #100Gates

Here, we ask the question ~ do #StreetArtists ever sleep?  We just missed the well-known (highly elusive) John Carr @jcbknyc on East 125th Street this morning, where he is brightening up everything east of 246 East 125th Street, between Third/Second Avenues. You’ll need a skateboard to follow him, on Instagram & Facebook as we continue to follow @jcbknyc downtown at the #MuralProject, which is also ongoing.

JCBKNYC for #100Gates ~ Found him!

Carr’s artwork is on a part of East 125th Street where numerous construction projects are in the works, and is also on a block that houses our favorite salvage shop, Demolition Depot.

John Arthur Carr painting a series of gates on East 125th Street, near Second Avenue in East Harlem

Stay tuned……..

Artist, John Carr #JCBKNYC does a ‘live paint’ during the #100GatesProject + Uptown Grand Central #OldSchoolJam at 2054 Lexington Avenue, between 124-125th Streets
100 Gates Project
John Carr, Live Paint during #OldSchoolJam at 2054 Lexington Ave in East Harlem
Closeup of Live Paint at Juice Bar


Artist, ANGL at H&M Art & Home Decor, Custom Framing, located at 17 East 125th Street, between Fifth Avenue & Madison Avenue
100GatesProject East Harlem
Artist, ANJL at H&M Gallery on East 125th Street

Here’s the ultimate #100GatesProject Selfie-Spot! Artist #ANJL  Follow her on Instagram + Facebook.

ANJL at H&M Frame


Artist, Paul Deo on 125th Street & Madison Avenue including Baba Fashion, Pawn Shop, Uptown Veg and Beauty Supply
100 Gates Project East Harlem
artist Paul Deo June 24, 2018 on East 125th Street and Madison Avenue
Paul Deo
Paul Deo working on the East 125th Street corner of Madison Avenue
Paul Deo for 100GatesProject
Artist Paul Deo painting the corner on East 124th Street and Madison Avenue in East Harlem for 100GatesProject
Paul Deo for 100 Gates
On the Pawn Shop gates, Madison Avenue side
Paul Deo for 100 Gates
Baba Fashions on Madison Avenue between 124-125th Streets
Paul Deo painting Baba Fashion East Harlem
Paul Deo painting Baba Fashion’s gate for 100 Gates Project
Paul Deo, Uptown Veg, 14 East 125th Street
Paul Deo
Artist Paul Deo moving further along East 125th Street, to the Beauty Supply Shop next to the Pawn Shop ~ Work in Progress


Artist, Alice Mizrachi at Heavy Metal Bicycles, 2016 Third Avenue at 110th Street
100 Gates Project
Image courtesy of 100GatesProject East Harlem

This is the second gate painted by Alice Mizrachi for the #100GatesProject in East Harlem ~ the first gate painted at Amor Cubano, one block away on 111th Street.


Artist, Funqest at Direct Print, 77 East 125th Street, between Madison and Park Avenues

As if peeking at pedestrians on their way to the train, #Funqest at Direct Print on East 125th Street.


Artist, Jai Greencaps at Lady Lexis Sweets, 1931 Madison Avenue, between 124th-125th Streets

#Jaigreencaps on Lady Lexis Sweets looks just as great with the gate up (below) as it does when the gate is down (above)

Artist ~ #soulsnyc at Big Russ Barber Barber Shop, 1931 Madison Avenue between 124th/125th Streets in East Harlem

#100GatesProject, two artists, side-by-side on Madison Avenue

#soulnyc for #100GatesProject at Big Russ Madison Ave, April 22, 2018

Follow on Instagram & on his website at soulsnyc.com

Follow one his website at soulsnyc.com
@soulsnyc at Big Russ for #100GatesProject + @NHEMA in East Harlem


Artist, Resa Piece at Pouncing Tigers, 2032 Second Ave between 104-105th Street
100 Gates Project in East Harlem
Artist, Resa Piece at Pouncing Tigers

Resa Piece at Pouncing Tiger


Artist Danielle Mastrion at Emery Rose Salon, 1888 Park Avenue between 128/129th Streets
artist Danielle Mastrion

Artist Danielle Mastrion  #danielebknyc working on Emery Rose Salon. You can also follow the artist on Twitter, and on her website.

Emery Rose – Danielle Mastrion


Artist Alice Mizrachi at Amor Cubano, 2018 Third Avenue at 111th Street

Image courtesy of 100 Gates Project

Follow Alice Mizrachi on Instagram at @am_nyc


Shanequa Benetez at Bitter Orange Cafe, 1694 Park Avenue at 119th Street
Image courtesy of Carey King
january 16, 2018
Image courtesy of Carey King


Elisha Glass at Mojitos Bar & Grill, 227 East 116th Street

Mojitos. Artist Elisha Glass


Charlie Liriano – Charlie Elo @eloburnz at Pueblo Grocery, 238 East 116th Street

Image via Charlie Elo on Instagram


Doris Rodriguez at G & J’s Pizzeria, 188 East 104th Street

Jeremy Vega @Badgarcia at Easy Shopping, 1888 Third Avenue at 104th Street

Jeremy Vega – Bad Garcia 1888 Third Ave
Image courtesy of 100 Gates Project
Image courtesy of 100 Gates Project


Andre Trenier at Sisters Cuisine, 47 East 124th Street, just east of Madison Avenue

andre trenier at Sisters Caribbean Cuisine on 124th Street
andre trenier @andre_trenier


Gera Lozano @GeraLuz on the South East Corner of Park Avenue & 125th Street

100 Gates in East Harlem
Gera Lozano #GeraLuz, assisted by #WERC
Geraluz 7-16-17
100 Gates Project East Harlem
#GeraLuz ~ Park Avenue at 125th Street #EastHarlem


Destiny Molina @flywithdestiny at Eli Beauty Salon, 2274 Third Avenue, near 124th Street

Eli Beauty Salon, artist Destiny Molina
Eli Beauty Salon 2274 Third Ave Artist Destiny Molina


Kristy McCarthy @dgaleart at Jahlookova, 1962 Madison Avenue, at 126th Street

Image courtesy of 100 Gates Project


Jenevieve at The 116 Flowers, 232 East 116th Street

Genevieve 232 E 116th Street – the flower store


Lucine Yeghiazaryan at Mexico Travel, 238 East 116th Street

Artist, Lucine Yeghiazaryan at Mexico Travel


IndexFinga @trap.if at Harlem Spin City, 2275 Third Avenue at 124th Street

Image courtesy of 100 Gates Project


Lady K Fever at El Agave Deli & Grocery, 218 East 116th Street

Lady K Fever at El Agave


Greg LaMarche at Harlem Shake, 2162 Second Avenue at 111th Street

Courtesy of 100 Gates Project


@Lostbreedculture at El Nuevo Caridad, 2257 Second Avenue at 116th Street

El Caridad on 116th St


Simon Aredonado @sfa_uno at Casa Latina Music Shop, 15 East 116th Street


Ralph Serrano @artistikznewyork at Euromex Soccer, 246 East 116th Street


Ralph Serrano @artistikznewyork & Gia Gutierrez @artbygia at Azteca Unisex, 234 East 116th Street

Artist, Ralph Serrano at Azteca on 116th St


Ralph Serrano @artistikznewyork at El Barrio Wireless, 232 East 116th Street

Ralph Serrano El Barrio Wireless 116th St


Adam Negon @AdamBomb.NYC at Wild Olive Market

Wild Olive Market 7-1-17
Adam Negron Artist


Tiara Zhane at Charlie’s Place, 1960 Madison Avenue, just north of 125th Street

Charlie’s Place


Matt Samuelson @smartink at Madison Avenue Hair Studio, 1961 Madison Avenue at 126th Street

The Artist Matt Samuelson at Madison Avenue Hair Studio was the first gate painted for this project.

More from Matt Samuelson ~ At Eagle Plumbing Supply, 2250 Second Avenue at 115th Street
Artist, Matt Samuelson for Eagle Tile & Home Center. Image courtesy 100 Gates Project


Take a look at the behind-the-scenes tour taken by NYC SBS, 100 Gates Project and NY1 interview with artist, Ralph Serrano.

While you’re there, check out the new mural in White Park, and the continuously changing Guerrilla Wall, expressing local views and concerns on current issues. Current theme:  Champions Battling Racism.  Many of the participating 100 Gates East Harlem Project artists are part of the Harlem Art Collective/Guerrilla Wall.

Visit the Harlem Art Park with the first Percent for Art installation by artist Jorge Luis Rodriguez in 1985

Check out East 125th Street, a Work in Progress

Check out the #100GatesProject in Staten Island.