12 Giant Illuminating Seesaws Arriving in the Garment District ~ Impulse



Ride my seesaw. Photo by Scogin Mayo, courtesy of the Dallas Arts District in May, 2019

The Garment District Alliance has kicked-off the New Year with Impulse, an interactive installation comprised of 12 over-sized seesaws that will transform Broadway in the Garment District into a gleaming winter wonderland on Monday, January 6th.

“This is a truly fantastic interactive art experience that creates a unique area of urban play on our pedestrian plazas,” said Barbara A. Blair, president of the Garment District Alliance. “As part of our commitment to enhancing the pedestrian experience year-round, we are proud to introduce a new, captivating installation that brightens Broadway in the Garment District this winter and brings joy to all who visit.”

Impulse ~ in the Garment District, NYC

The immersive urban instrument will create an exciting, playful experience, in which visitors become the musicians and artists. When activated, the seesaws – which range from 16 to 24 feet – will radiate with light and musical elements, enabling New Yorkers to create their own light show in the heart of Midtown.

Impulse was created by Lateral Office and CS Design in collaboration with EGP Group, with Mitchell Akiyama leading the sound design, mechanical elements and fabrication by Generique Design, and electronic design by Robocut Studio. It was first presented as part of the 6th edition of Luminothérapie, in 2015-2016, at Place des Festivals in the Quartier des Spectacles in Montreal.

Impulse ~ in the Garment District, NYC

“We commend the Garment District Alliance for extending their art programming into the colder months to encourage people to stay outside and have fun after the holiday trees and windows come down,” said DOT Assistant Commissioner of Urban Design + Art + Wayfinding, Wendy Feuer.  “It’s exciting to be able to provide a safe place to ‘play’ on Broadway within the winter Seasonal Street.”

“We are excited to cut the ribbon on another collaboration between the Garment District Alliance and the NYC Department of Transportation,” said Assistant Commissioner for Street Improvement Programs, Sean Quinn. “Even in the cold weather, streets in Midtown Manhattan are teeming with pedestrians. Initiatives like Seasonal Streets respond directly to the demand for more pedestrian space. The addition of Impulse is a welcome feature that activates the Seasonal Street in a unique and engaging way for all New Yorkers.”

Garment District, NYC ~ Broadway between 37th/38th Streets

Impulse is free and will be open to the public through January 31st on Broadway in the Garment District between 37th and 38th Streets. This block will be temporarily closed to vehicles and converted to public space through the New York City Department of Transportation’s Seasonal Streets Program, expanding and enhancing the pedestrian experience.

Try out more illuminated seesaws next to Pier 17 at South Street Seaport! Wave-Field now on view