Join Billion Oyster Project ~ June 26th on Governors Island




Bernice Abbott, 1937. Oyster Houses, South Street and Pike Slip, Manhattan. Image via NYPL

Join the Billion Oyster Project on Tuesday, June 26th from Noon to 2pm as they send oyster reef structures to their largest restoration project ~ Governors Island.

Billion Oyster Project and Governors Island welcome you to watch as 422 oyster reef structures (specially designed steel “gabions” filled with shells) leave the island and head for the Hudson River, where they will provide habitat to help enhance the wild oyster population. This will take place on Tuesday, June 26th from Noon to 2pm.

Once in the water, these oyster reef structures will combine to create the largest reef system in Billion Oyster Project history—covering more than 5 acres, with the intent of creating healthy marine habitat for years to come.

The project moved forward with the help of hundreds of volunteers, students, restaurants, and Harbor School staff who helped make this happenwelding gabion frames, assembling wire mesh inserts, and filling gabions with shells for wild baby oysters to attach to.

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