2018 Women’s March NYC




The Women’s March is back this year in full-force, with more than 200,000 protesters here in NYC according to Mayor de Blasio’s office, coming from not only all boroughs, but all over the tri-state area, streaming by the hundreds, then by the thousands onto Central Park West for the March down Sixth Avenue.  Similar marches ~ more than 600 of them ~  are taking place at the same time, all throughout our Country.

Central Harlem Marchers meeting at NiLu Gift Shop

My uptown group met at two locations ~ Central Harlem at NiLu Gift Shop, and East Harlem at Starbucks on 96th Street & Lexington Avenue.

meeting at NiLu January 20 2018

On our way to the subway, we met up with Veterans groups, Dreamers, Save Planned Parenthood, ProChoice, AntiWall, LGBTQ groups, #BlackLivesMatter, Climate Change groups, #MeToo, #TimesUp,  Equality, Healthcare, and on & on & on.

Marchers on the subway, standing under the sign that says, “If you’re only full of ideas, you’re full of something else #InDoersWeTrust

#InDoersWeTrust advertisement above our heads

Marchers from Harlem + East Harlem connect at Broadway & 72nd Street

Subway station at Broadway & 72nd Street
Elena, Pandy & Evelyn

Image via Lisa Vogt on Instagram

An arial shot of the Marchers coming down Broadway and Central Park West via Instagram.  Below are a few images from our day #WomensMarchNYC #NoHateNoFearImmigrantsAreWelcomeHere #MeToo #RESIST

Evelyn + Pandy

Hundreds of marchers on 72nd Street, feeding into the main March

Women’s March ~ Image via abc7ny.com

More than 600 marches throughout our Country. Image via powertothepolls.com
Can’t end the day without thanking the businesses that opened their restroom doors to Marchers. Thank you, NiLu Gift Shop on Lenox Ave & 120th Street and Malachy’s on 72nd Street near Columbus Ave.

Can’t end the day without thanking the businesses that opened their restroom doors to Marchers ~ NiLu Gift Shop on Lenox Avenue and Malachy’s on 72nd Street, and a huge thank you to artist, Naomi (East Harlem) for holding free pussy hat knitting workshops and UGCeats in East Harlem for hosting the knitters. Thank you to Connie Lee (President of the Marcus Garvey Park Alliance + Public Art Initiative) for organizing the Central Harlem group, and connecting with Carmen Cruz, and the East Harlem Marchers.

Final word…..

More pic’s on Patch.