2024 Car-Free Earth Day in NYC ~ April 20th ~ Kicking Off Open Streets & April 21st at Morningside Park in Harlem!




Image courtesy NYC DOT. Car-Free Earth Day 2024.

On April 20th, New Yorkers will kick off the 2024 Open Streets Season with Car-Free Earth Day throughout all five boroughs! Hosted by NYC DOT, the event opens our streets to a plethora of programming from activism and education surrounding climate change and sustainability to public art that includes repurposed furniture transformed into luscious organic sculptures through live plants, showcasing the potential of nature reclaiming the built environment.

The Earth Day festivities continue on April 21st at Morningside Park in Harlem with a theme of Planet vs. Plastic. We Can Do It. Lots of activities, including a Trashion Fashion workshop for kids in preparation for the next Trashion Fashion Show next month.

These are just a few of the Earth Day festivities throughout our area.

Isabelle Garbani, Les Fleurs du Mal for Garment District Alliance at 38th Street. Photo credit: Isabelle Garbani via Garment District Alliance. During Car-Free Earth Day 2020.

New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez announced that this will be the largest-ever Open Streets: Car-Free Earth Day — with a record number of car-free streets and extended hours of operation. The annual event, hosted by NYC DOT, makes select city streets car-free and promotes activism and education surrounding climate change, environmentalism, and sustainable modes of transportation. The event also marks the official start of the city’s Open Streets and Public Space Programming season.

“Open Streets: Car-Free Earth Day encourages New Yorkers to leave their vehicles at home and appreciate our streets as shared open spaces for all,” said NYC DOT Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez. “As part of the city’s largest-ever Car-Free Earth Day celebration, will be hosting programming, music, and other activities at dozens of car-free streets around New York City. And new, temporary public art will help us remember: We only have one planet — and we must all do our part to reduce our carbon footprint and respect our environment.”

Car Free Earth Day in the Flatiron District, 2019

This year’s Open Streets: Car-Free Earth Day, sponsored by WABC, will include 53 car-free streets and plazas across the five boroughs, with locations featuring public art or community programming—up from 30 locations as part of 2023’s event. NYC DOT will also be extending car-free operations by one hour, with car-free streets running from 10 am and 4 pm.

Broadway Bouquet via Terrain Work will be located at the Flatiron car-free location at 23rd street. 2018

NYC DOT also announced it has selected four artists to provide temporary, environmentally focused works along certain routes. Natalie Wood will be presenting EcoHarmony, a grouping of repurposed furniture transformed into luscious organic sculptures through live plants, showcasing the potential of nature reclaiming the built environment. To foster a nurturing relationship with our planet, she will be giving away 1,000 plants. Kelp Parade, a collaborative piece between Amanda Thackray and Wendel Jeffrey, will bring a dynamic kelp forest to life through 24 flags made from upcycled plastic bags, activated through movement and sound throughout the day. And Lyubava Kroll will be designing a series of Keep NYC Green graphics for aluminum signage installed on streetlight poles throughout the boroughs that envision a greener future for our city.

Artist, Willie Cole ~ Car Free Earth Day in The Garment District. 2019

First launched in 2016, Open Streets: Car-Free Earth Day originally converted select Manhattan streets into public plazas and car-free streets for pedestrians, cyclists, and local businesses. The launch of the 2024 Open Street season comes after the NYC DOT has awarded $30 million in contracts to expand resources available to in-need Open Streets, plazas, and other public spaces. Expanded resources include staffing, permitting and administrative support, community outreach, promotion, fundraising, grant writing, and more.

Through the support of Lyft, Citi Bike will offer free unlimited 30-minute rides on a classic Citi Bike on Open Streets: Car-Free Earth Day. All riders may take advantage of the offer by using the promo code CARFREE24 in the Citi Bike app.

NYC Department of Transportation, Car Free Earth Day 2018 – City Zone.

Take a look at NYC DOT Signature Locations

East 188th Street

On East 188th Street from East Fordham Road to Grand Concourse & Creston Ave, Bronx

5th Avenue

On 5th Avenue from 40th Street to 45th Street, Brooklyn

Give my regards to Broadway!

On Broadway from 17th Street to 46th Street, Manhattan

Add to your list ‘Broadway Celebrates Earth Day’ and it plays on Saturday, April 20, 2024, 11 am-3 pm, at Times Square, on Broadway between 45th-46th Street, NYC. Admission is free; no tickets are required.


In the Garment District

Artist Chakaia Booker, Shaved Portions, 2021 Rubber Tires and Stainless Steel located at the Campbell Art Park, Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center, Oklahoma City from 2021-2022. Image via ChakaiaBooker.com

Chakaia Booker: Shaved Portions, a new outdoor art installation commissioned by The Garment District Alliance will be on view.


Dyckman Street

On Dyckman Street from Broadway to La Marina, Manhattan

St. Nicholas Avenue

On St. Nicholas Avenue from 181st Street to 190th Street, Manhattan

Woodside Avenue

On Woodside Avenue from 75th Street to 78th Street, Queens

Port Richmond Avenue

On Port Richmond Avenue from Post Avenue to Castleton Avenue, Staten Island

Car Free Day NYC is to encourage New York City drivers to choose alternative means of moving about NYC on Earth Day. Image via NYC DOT, www1.nyc.gov

Partner Produced Locations

The Bronx

Decatur Avenue Open Street

On Decatur Avenue from East 194 Street to East 195 Street, Bronx

East 212 Street Open Street

East 212 Street from White Plains Road to White Plains Road, Bronx

Evelyn Place Open Street

Evelyn Place from Aqueduct Avenue East to Grand Avenue, Bronx

Harrod Place Open Street

Harrod Place from Morrison Avenue to Westchester Avenue, Bronx

Jennings Street Open Street

Jennings Street from Chisholm Street to Prospect Avenue, Bronx

Rae Street Open Street

Rae Street from Dead End to St Anns Avenue, Bronx

Celebrate Earth Day at the New York Botanical Garden!

Image courtesy NYBG

Each year, NYBG’s Earth Day celebration highlights the Garden’s central work to save the plants of the world and offers visitors a beautiful space to honor our surroundings. Meet NYBG Staff from our Horticulture, Library, and Herbarium departments to learn about the work they do each day to support our environment. Explore the Thain Forest and its rich historical connections to Indigenous Peoples. Watch as local chefs share advice on how to make your diet more plant-friendly! The event will take place from 10am to 6pm.

In the event of inclement weather, events will take place on April 21.

Car-Free Earth Day, 2019 in the Garment District


Albee Square Plaza

On Dekalb Avenue from Fulton Mall to Bond Street, Brooklyn

Avenue C Plaza

On McDonald Avenue from Church Avenue to Avenue C, Brooklyn

Berry Street Open Street

Berry Street from Broadway to North 12 Street, Brooklyn

Graham Avenue Open Street

Graham Avenue from Scholes Street to Meserole Street, Brooklyn

Hoyt Street Open Street

Hoyt Street from State Street to Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn

Kensington Plaza

On Beverley Road from East 2nd Street to Church Avenue, Brooklyn

Marcy Avenue Plaza

Marcy Avenue from Fulton Street to MacDonough Street, Brooklyn

Montague Street Open Street

Montague Street from Clinton Street to Montague Terrace, Brooklyn. While you’re there, visit The Brooklyn Women’s Exchange!

Myrtle Wyckoff Plaza

On Wyckoff Avenue from Gates Avenue to Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn

Newkirk Avenue Open Street

Newkirk Avenue from Coney Island Avenue to East 17 Street, Brooklyn

Polhemus Place Open Street

Polhemus Place from Carroll Street to Garfield Place, Brooklyn

Reed Street Open Street

Reed Street from Conover Street to Van Brunt Street, Brooklyn

Thatford Avenue Open Street

Thatford Avenue from Dead End to Belmont Avenue, Brooklyn

Troutman Street Open Street

Troutman Street from Irving Avenue to St Nicholas Avenue, Brooklyn

Underhill Avenue Plaza

On Underhill Avenue from Pacific Street to Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn

Washington/Empire Plaza

Empire Boulevard from Franklin Avenue to Washington Avenue, Brooklyn

Car-Free Earth Day in the Flatiron District, 2019


Amsterdam Avenue Open Street

Amsterdam Avenue from Cathedral Parkway to West 106 Street, Manhattan

Audubon Avenue Open Street

Audubon Avenue from West 189 Street to West 190 Street, Manhattan

Avenue B Open Street

Avenue B from East 10 Street to East 8 Street, Manhattan

Christopher Street Open Street

Christopher Street from 7 Avenue South to Waverly Place, Manhattan

Cooper Street Open Street

Christopher Street from 7 Avenue South to Waverly Place, Manhattan

Doyers St

On Doyers Street from Bowery to Pell Street, Manhattan

Flatiron Plaza

On Broadway from 21 Street to 25 Street, Manhattan


Jane Street Open Street

Jane Street from 8 Avenue to Hudson Street, Manhattan

Johnny Hartman Plaza

On Hamilton Place from Amsterdam Avenue to 143 Street, Manhattan

Mulberry Street Open Street

Mulberry Street from Canal Street to Broome Street, Manhattan

Pell Street Open Street

Pell Street from Mott Street to Bowery, Manhattan

Pershing Square Plaza

Park Avenue from East 42 Street to East 41 Street, Manhattan

Spring Street Open Street

Spring Street from Sullivan Street to Thompson Street, Manhattan

West 120 Street Open Street

West 120 Street from Lenox Avenue to Mount Morris Park West, Manhattan

Harlem Grown

july 5 2019 Harlem Grown, 116 West 134th Street, NYC

Celebrate Earth Day 2024 at Harlem Grown as they begin a new growing season. The day will be filled with family-friendly activities including up cycled fashion, sustainable recipe demonstrations, nature-themed crafts, dance and more. Guest Chefs JJ Johnson will be on hand sharing tips in the kitchen. Harlem Grown is located at 116 West 134th Street in Harlem. Festivities will begin at 11am.


West 159 Street Open Street

West 159 Street from Amsterdam Avenue to Broadway, Manhattan

Pier 57 at 15th Street Earth Day Festivities

Pier 57 in 1936

As New Yorkers mark Earth Day across the city, Pier 57 will host special programming to celebrate the planet – bringing together climate enthusiasts, local organizations, and community members of all ages. The event will feature a variety of festive activities for the community to enjoy, including:  

  • Clothing Swap: Pier 57 is partnering with Veggie Mijas – a collective of BIPOC individuals advocating for food and environmental justice – to host a Clothing Swap in Pier 57’s Living Room space. Guests can bring up to 5 items of clothing or shoes in good condition to swap and share. For personalized advice on mending, upcycling, or caring for your clothes, the Reclypt team will help families make the most of their  wardrobe. All leftover clothing will be distributed between local organizations such as Collective Focus and NYC Fair Trade Coalition.
  • Discussion Group: Climate Café will lead meaningful conversations on sustainability, climate action, and the impact of even the smallest steps toward a healthier planet. Black Girl Environmentalist, Remake, We Are Atlas, and Worn Not Torn will also participate in the discussion.
  • Earth Day Cookie: Market 57 vendor Local Roots will be offering a special Earth Day cookie – available for one day only – made with black sesame and matcha icing. Foodies can also enjoy other vegan options including hearty mapo tofu, crispy scallion pancakes, cucumber salad, and more.

The event will take place at Pier 57’s Living Room, a public gathering space located on the ground floor of the Pier’s southern edge with views of the Hudson River. Registration is free and open to everyone interested in making a positive impact on our planet. To register, visit here.

Here is the timeline for the days events:

1:00 PM: Welcome + Clothes drop off at Market 57 (entrance on 11th Ave)

1:30 PM: Clothing swap begins

2:30 – 4:00PM: Climate Café conversations

The Living Room at Pier 57 is located at 25 11th Avenue at 15th Street, NYC.


Taking a closer look. Artist Willie Cole in The Garment District. 2019 for Car-Free Earth Day


141 Street Open Street

141 Street from 109 Avenue to Lakewood Avenue, Queens

31 Avenue Open Street

31 Avenue from 33 Street to 35 Street, Queens

34th Avenue Open Street

34 Avenue from 69 Street to Junction Boulevard, Queens

62 Street Open Street

62 Street from Woodside Avenue to Dead End, Queens

Bliss Plaza

Queens Boulevard at 46 Street, Queens

Lowery Plaza

Queens Boulevard at 40 Street, Queens

Murdock Avenue Open Street

Murdock Avenue from 180 Street to Dead End, Queens


Staten Island

Minthorne Street Open Street

Minthorne Street from Victory Boulevard to Bay Street, Staten Island

Water Street Open Street

Water Street from Canal Street to Beach Street, Staten Island

Earth Day on Governors Island

Governors Island

Gov­er­nors Island’s third annu­al Earth Day cel­e­bra­tion will cel­e­brate the pow­er of native plants through free edu­ca­tion­al activ­i­ties and work­shops for all ages, guid­ed tours through the Island’s open space, a par­tic­i­pa­to­ry mur­al inspired by the rela­tion­ship between milk­weed and Monarch but­ter­flies, Gov­er­nors Island Nature activ­i­ties, and vol­un­teer stew­ard­ship projects. The fes­tiv­i­ties will take place on Sat­ur­day, April 20, 2024, from 10am to 3pm, and will also include cyan­otype print­ing activ­i­ties, seed ball work­shops, free bike lessons with Bike New York, and more. No event reg­is­tra­tion required.



Earth Day continues in Harlem at Morningside Park on Sunday, April 21st! The Earth Day theme ~ Planet vs. Plastic. We Can Do It. Activities include:

Elizabeth McAlpin, Chess Set Board, 2023, Recycled Plastic, 53″ x 53″. Image courtesy of the Artist.

Elizabeth McAlpin, Play Chess using a chess set made from recycled plastic.

Elizabeth McAlpin, Chess People. Image courtesy of the Artist

Forever Fashion, Capucine Bourcart, Knitting her 18′ blanket from plastic bags, to which I did contribute.

Capucine Bourcart Knitting the Blanket,, 2023. Image courtesy of the Artist.

Jessica Reisch, an SVA artist, Meet Mycelium exhibit with a project for children.

Jessica Reisch, Mushroom Music. Image courtesy of the Artist


Jessica Reisch, Biodata Sonification. Image courtesy of the Artist

Limiting Plastics, How to reduce personal plastic, led by Nancy Lemberger; Trashion workshop for children make clothes from recycled materials to wear in the upcoming show in Morningside Park with artist, Susan Stair; Nancy Limburger, Compost Kids, will have a compost game and information.

Limited Plastic will have a table showing ways each person can limit their plastic consumption. The artists above will demonstrate and have participatory projects including knitting with plastic bags, how mycelium cleans the ground and talks electrically, they’ll play chess with a board and pieces made of recycled plastic, and play the compost game, then make a recycled garment.

Sponsored by the Friends of Morningside Park. Organized by Limiting Plastic. Enter Morningside Park from the 114th Street and Morningside Avenue entrance. The Earth Day Event will take place on Sunday, April 21st from 1-3pm.

While you’re there, don’t miss the art installation ‘Susan Stair: Setting the Stage for Climate Change‘. Following Susan Stair one Instagram for the latest on Trashiion Fashion workshops and the final Show.

Susan Stair: Setting the Stage for Climate Change in Morningside Park. Image credit: Brad W. Taylor, President, Friends of Morningside Park.

Save the date for the next Trashion Fashion Show, which will take place on May 4, 2024 from 2:00 to 3:00pm. Enter at 116th and Morningside Drive near Columbia University.

Rain date is May 5th from 2:00 to 3:00pm.

Transhion Fashion Workshops coming up: April 16th and 23rd. Contact artist Susan Stair to signup!