9/11 ~ Commemorating 21st Anniversary of the Attack on NYC




Bronze Bas-Relief Memorial at 10 House donated by Holland & Knight

It has been twenty-one years since September 11, 2001, a day the world will never forget. On this day, families and friends lost 2,983 souls in the attacks on our Country. By hosting commemorative events, we hope to pay tribute to the victims and their memory, through collection, preservation and exhibition of materials and digital artifacts. Here are just a few thoughtful ways to spend September 11th in 2022.

Saturday, September 10th at Noon, The 9/11 Heroes Run New York

The 9/11 Heroes Run/Walk/Ruck activates and unites communities to honor the sacrifices of those heroes from September 11th and the wars since, including veterans, active duty, first responders, and families of the fallen. The 9/11 Heroes Run 5k +1Mi fun run/walk welcomes runners, ruckers, and walkers of all levels and all ages, volunteers, friends, and family. It is not about fitness level or experience but about activating, uniting, and honoring heroes.

Started in 2007 by the family of fallen 1st Lt. Travis Manion as a grassroots run in his hometown Doylestown, PA, with 300 runners, the 9/11 Heroes Run now has race locations around the world, presence in different states across the country, and unites many thousands of people yearly to celebrate heroes and spread awareness. Race proceeds are used to directly support the Travis Manion Foundation’s mission to empower the nation’s veterans and families of fallen heroes to develop character in future generations and to strengthen communities.


Two light beams formed by 88 searchlights shine up to the sky near the former site of the Twin towers. The ‘Tribute in Light‘ will serve as a strong message of commemoration.

9/11 Tribute in Light & Open Sky Memorial, Liberty State Park, Jersey City, NJ

9/11 Tribute in Light & Open Sky Memorial, Liberty State Park, Jersey City, NJ (image above) will be held on Sunday, September 11th from 6:00 to 10:00pm.


Annual Ringing of St. Paul’s Chapel ‘Bell of Hope: Prayers for Peace and Reconciliation

St. Paul’s Chapel, Trinity Church

St. Paul’s Chapel will hold its annual morning bell services followed by Prayers for Peace. Bell of Hope: Prayers for Peace and Reconciliation takes place from 8:46am to 9:00am. The bell was a gift from London to New York City a year after the attacks. You can join in on Facebook Live if you can’t attend.


The National September 11 Memorial & Museum

Reflection off the 9/11 Memorial Museum

The National September 11 Memorial & Museum is the nonprofit organization that oversees operations for the 9/11 Memorial and 9/11 Memorial Museum. Located on eight of the 16 acres of the World Trade Center site, the Memorial and Museum remember and honor the 2,983 people who were killed in the horrific attacks of September 11, 2001 and February 26, 1993. The Memorial plaza design consists of two reflecting pools formed in the footprints of the original Twin Towers surrounded by swamp white oak trees. The Museum displays more than 900 personal and monumental objects while its collection includes more than 72,500 items that present intimate stories of loss, compassion, reckoning and recovery linked to the events of 9/11 and the aftermath. The Museum also explores the global impact of 9/11 and its continuing significance through education programs, public programs, live talks and film features that cover contemporary topics designed for diverse audiences.


Visit The Survivor Tree on the Memorial Plaza

The Survivor tree stands on the 9/11 Memorial plaza in New York, NY on Monday, May 15, 2017. Photo by Jin Lee, 9/11 Memorial

Almost a month after the 9/11 attacks, a survivor was found in the ruins. Extensively damaged with its roots and limbs snapped and its trunk blackened and burned, rescue and recovery workers pulled a Callery pear tree from the rubble. The tree was placed in the care of the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation and was nursed back to health. In 2010, the tree was brought to the 9/11 Memorial site. Now known as the Survivor Tree, today the tree stands next to the South Pool as a living reminder of resilience, survival and hope.


Visit The Sphere

Gribe Kugelkaryatide (Great Spherical Caryatid), 1971 “The Sphere” by artist Fritz Koenig. Originally located on the plaza of the World Trade Center, The Sphere was recovered from the rubble.

The Sphere, a 25-foot, bronze sculpture by German artist Fritz Koening called the World Trade Center Plaza its home since 1971, before Tower 2 was even complete. The Sphere miraculously survived the 9/11 devastation, recovered from the rubble, and was moved several times before returning to its current location, back home to the 9/11 Memorial site.


Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center in The World Trade Center Complex

The Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center. Photo by Michael Young

The Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center nears completion as part of the final component of the rebuilt 16-acre World Trade Center site.


St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church & National Shrine at World Trade Center

Consecration July 4 2022, Live Stream at Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church & National Shrine

With a rich history dating back to the early 1900s, St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church was completely destroyed during the September 11, 2001 attack, when the South tower of the World Trade Center collapsed. Vowing to rebuild, the dedicated congregation began the overwhelming task, and the Church held its Consecration on July 4th, 2022.


The FDNY Memorial Wall at 10 House on Liberty Street, the firehouse across from the site of the World Trade Center.

The FDNY Memorial Wall at the firehouse across from the site of the World Trade Center. 10 House on Liberty Street.

The FDNY Memorial Wall stands 56=foot-long and six-foot-high bronze bas relief bolted to the side of the firehouse. This gift from the law firm Holland & Knight memorializes the 343 firefighters who lost their lives in the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center.


Visit the ‘Share the Love’ Sculptures on the One World Trade Center Plaza

Daniel Anderson: XO World at One World Trade. Image courtesy of the artist.

Artist Daniel Anderson unveiled his ‘Share the Love’ Sculptures XO World on the 40th Anniversary of World Peace Day last September 21st. The sculptures continue to be on view through June 23, 2023.


Revisiting the 9/11 Tiles for America in Greenwich Village

Original fence, Tiles for America

On September 12th, 2001, pictures of lost loved-ones were hung on a chain linked fence in Greenwich Village, with the hope that they would be found. Along-side these pictures were ceramics shaped angels, handprinted with patriotic symbols. Over the next weeks and months, the ceramic tiles on the fence grew ~ and eventually they were saved and placed permanently in a small triangular park in Greenwich Village.


9/11 Memorial NYC

Live coverage of Memorial Ceremonies in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C. will be on NBC, CBS, and ABC. A made-for-TV special will be shown at 9pm on CNN Sunday, September 11th.


Flight 93 ~ September 11th Observance at the Memorial Plaza

Ceremonial Gate separates the Wall of Names fromm the crash site. Flight 93.

Memorial Service will be live-streamed on the Flight 93 National Memorial Facebook Page. This ceremony honors the actions of the passengers and crew of Flight 93 in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.


The National 9/11 Pentagon Memorial

9/11 National Pentagon Memorial in Washington D.C.

Dedicated on Sept. 11, 2008, the National 9/11 Pentagon Memorial is a beautiful open space shaded by 85 crape myrtle trees. The memorial contains 184 memorial units: benches surrounded by a lit water pool, each engraved with the name of a deceased service member or civilian. These benches honor all those who died at the Pentagon during the attack, including passengers on American Airlines Flight 77, which terrorists hijacked and crashed into the building.