A Broadway Bouquet is coming to the Flatiron for Earth Day!




Broadway Bouquet via Terrain Work

Terrain Work is bringing Spring to the City for Earth Day,  April 21st, with the 36-foot exhibit Broadway Bouquet ~ an installation of monumental scale, placed in parking spaces to inspire and imagine less cars, more green space.


Broadway Bouquet by Terrain Work

Representative of the cut flowers found on many of our street corners, the oversized sculpture provides “a tangible example to the public of what we give up – civic space and public art – when cities are dominated by vehicular traffic.”  “The art piece captures the imagination by illustrating the potential for a car-free future with a living breathing garden in the middle of one of the busiest spaces in the world.”

Broadway Bouquet
Terrain Work’s “Broadway Bouquet” coming to Flatiron

Broadway Bouquet by Terrain Work will be on view Saturday, April 21st from 9am to 3pm in the Flatiron at 20th Street as part of the Earth Day, car-free, celebration.  Terrain Work and Broadway Bouquet won the public art commission through the City of New York and DOT!

Check out more of the Earth Day celebration, including the work of artist, Isabelle Garbani at 38th Street.

Isabelle Garbani, Les Fleurs du Mal for Garment District Alliance

Happy Earth Day!