‘A Conversation Between Women’ On View at Living With Art Salon



Artist Elizabeth Riley, center, flanked by artist Barbara Lubiner ~ for the exhibition ‘A Conversation Between Women’

A Conversation Between Women is an unexpected dialogue that takes place across mediums of twenty contemporary female artists. The artists are multigenerational and culturally diverse ~ what they have in common besides their gender is that they are part of a community of artists that works collaboratively with the curator, and nonprofit organization, Art Lives Here.

Curator, Connie Lee at the mantle pointing out several pieces by a variety of artists in the new exhibition ‘A Conversation Between Women’

The exhibition is an opportunity to view the artworks up-close, and for the viewer to develop an understanding of each artists practice. Over the next two-months, the exhibition will be open daily for private viewings and small groups by appointment, with flexible viewing hours. Gallery visitors are scheduled one-hour to 90-minutes apart, allowing time to spend with the work and engage in a creative conversation.

Stunning large-format work on canvas by Susan Luss takes up the large wall in the new exhibition ‘A Conversation Between Women’

Above, a large-format colorful canvas entitled ‘Three Graces’ by Susan Luss. Using dyes and found objects, each piece is a distinct work of art ~ several are wrapped in bundles throughout the gallery in a variety of luscious colors.

Artist Susan Stair.

Above, a new, gorgeous piece by Susan Stair. If you recognize her name, you might also have attended the unveiling of her recent outdoor art installation, Ascending the Mountain on the Madison Avenue side of Marcus Garvey Park, spaced at different levels along the staircase leading up to the Acropolis and the historic Harlem Fire Watchtower.

Works by Marne Lucas and Cheryl Alden

Above artwork, On the heals of her exhibition, Quietus | Marne Lucas and Deidades | Manuel Pecina, and The Members Only exhibition, artist Marne Lucas continues to explore creativity as a form of spiritual care, illuminating the positive effects of art, celebrating that transitional time between death and rebirth, helping to define and create a legacy. Located at the bottom left, as if an exclamation point, a photograph by artist Cheryl Alden.

Speaking about women, artist Arcadia Carabello

Above, artist Arcadia Carabello pays homage to the female form.

Artist Elsie Deliz

A beautiful collage in a shadowbox created by artist Elsie Deliz can be found in the ‘back room’. She is also known for her mixed media jewelry and watercolors.

Artists Gale Rothstein and Heather Cox

In and around the gallery, wall and table sculptures by Gale Rothstein and Heather Cox.

Sculpture artist Gale Rothstein

Olivia Beens, below, is best known for her tiny sculpture heads. She also has three paintings in this exhibition, located in the ‘back room’

Artist Olivia Beens

Below, a stunning piece by artist Pauline Galiana, where she transforms everyday materials into works of art by drawing, looping, sticking, and sewing.

Artist, Pauline Galiana. Image courtesy of the artist & Connie Lee, Living with Art Salon

Last (below) ~ I leave you with my own work ~ three pieces: the original Harlem Map and East Harlem Map, and on the back wall, a watercolor streetscape of Lenox Avenue along with Capucine Bourcart’s ‘Brownstones’.

Lynn Lieberman, Map of East Harlem, Harlem ~ and on the back wall, Lynn Lieberman ‘Streetscape of Lenox Ave’ along with Capucine Bourcart’s ‘Brownstones’

Participating artists include:

Cheryl Aden, Capucine Bourcart, Olivia Beens, Arcadia Caraballo, Heather Cox, Jaynie Crimmins, Elsie Deliz, Pauline Galiana, Carmen Isasi, Yvonne Lamar-Rogers, Beatrice Lebreton, Lynn Lieberman, Barbara Lubliner, Marne Lucas, Susan Luss, Elizabeth McAlpin, Elizabeth Riley, Gale Rothstein, Viviane Rombaldi Seppey, Susan Stair. (Just a note to mention that I’ve been included in this show, and honored to be among such talented women).

Living with Art presents: A Conversation Between Women, a group exhibition curated by Connie Lee, will be on view at Living With Art Salon from March 31 through June 6, 2022. Are you a Member? If so, you have Preview Days prior to the 31st (March 25th ~ March 27th). The gallery is located in a brownstone in the historic Mount Morris Park District in Harlem.

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