A Little Manhattan Magic to Remind us to Spring Forward for Daylight Saving Time on March 12, 2023




The Wizard of Park Avenue

Daylight Saving Time will take place on Sunday, March 12th, when clocks are turned forward 1 hour. This year, the change will take place at 2:00am, moving our clocks to 3:00am. This will put sunrise and sunset about an hour later, and there will be more light in the evening. It is the time of year when we ‘Spring Forward’.

And about our featured image, Manhattan is filled with surprises, located in every direction including ~ up! And that is where we found this beauty ~ designed by McKim, Mead & White, and artist William Zorach. It has been name The Wizard of Park Avenue.

The Wizard of Park Avenue on the corner of Park Avenue and 32nd Street

A quick search brought us good information on The Wizard of Park Avenue, by way of Scouting New York, “Apparently, this is not Merlin, but is in fact Zoroaster, “the mastermind and doer of all things.” At his feet is a cocoon, and beyond sits a slave representing the “primitive forces and instincts of man.”  “Zoroaster waves his wand on the hour, and “the slave swings a hammer against the cocoon, triggering the emergence of the ‘Queen of Silk’, tulip in her hand, and not until the hour has ceased striking does she disappear.”

The Wizard of Park Avenue is located on the Schwarzenbach Building, 470 Park Avenue South at 32nd Street.