“A Sizzlin’ Summer” to Open at GR Gallery in August, 2022




Artist Zac Yeates

‘A Sizzlin’ Summer’ will bring together 18 emerging talented artists to display new works that were specifically made for this exhibition. Featuring a total of 34 artworks, the exhibition is meant to embrace the artistic background and unique craftsmanship of each individual artist.

Artist Kwang Hyun Kim

Participating artists include:

Matt Belk | Daniel Byrd | Brian Cirmo | Emki | Dustin Emory | Alexander Hawkins | Nobody Here | David Kaye | Kwang Hyun Kim | Noemi Manser | Adrian Marcais | Sebastian Riffo Montenegro | Dan Oliver | Pedro Troncoso | Ruo Hsin Wu | Yang Xishenger | Zac Yeates | Bai Yiyi

“A Sizzlin’ Summer” will be on view from August 4 through August 27, 2022 at GR Gallery, 255 Bowery, NYC. An Opening Reception will be held on Thursday, August 4th from 6-9pm with RSVP.

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