A Visit to a Pediatric Clinic inside an Art Gallery in Harlem




Martinez Gallery located on the corner of 135th Street and Broadway in Harlem

Is it a pediatric clinic inside an art gallery or an art gallery inside a pediatric clinic?  Either way, it’s a fun and colorful way for kids and artists of all ages. Follow us inside……

As soon as the doors open, you’ll hear the sounds of kids running, jumping, and playing in the multi-leveled space created by Martinez Gallery director, Hugo Martinez and Dr. Juan Tapia, a pediatrician and former graffiti artist known as C.A.T. 87 ~ a story in itself, well told in an interview with Street Art NYC.

This innovative project is a community-based health and arts collaboration known as the All City Foundation, located in the landmarked, 22,500 square foot building which, in its former life, was the  Claremont Theater.

Current art exhibit ~ Metholology

Hand-in-hand, Pediatric 2000 and Martinez Gallery opened its doors in 2015, as a walk-in clinic for kids, and revolving art exhibits. This month the exhibition is entitled Methodology, a group exhibit of 28 artists that will be on view through February 28, 2019.

Visitors can proceed to the upper levels from the ground floor by way of a series of small boxed steps on the left, preferred entrance for the under age 10 group, or a ramp on the right. Each level is a creative adventure, with doors to offices and examination rooms blending in with the floor to ceiling artwork on the walls.

to find the doors, look for the door knobs!

The space was designed by Amsterdam-based Kaptein Roodnat, with the challenge of integrating art into a pediatric practice within 7,500 square feet of the 22,500 square foot building. It is designed to be a “city within a city” with office and exam rooms occupying the ‘medical avenue,’ the ‘town square’ doubles as the reception area, waiting room, play area, and after-hours event space for the clinic and the neighborhood ~ and the ‘gallery lane’ is used for creative workshops.  Each examination room is decorated with different furniture, carpeting and works of art.

This is the second venture between All City and Kaptein Roodnat, the first being a clinic in Inwood, located at 207th Street.

We barely scratched the surface, so here’s the Exhibition Catalogue for Methodology.

Located at 3332 Broadway at 135th Street in Harlem

The Martinez Gallery is located at 3332 Broadway at 135th Street in Harlem. Yes, the artwork is for sale.

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