‘Adventurous Colors’ on View at Historic Kaufman Arcade




The Historic Kaufman Arcade, 132 West 36th Street

The Garment District Alliance unveiled the art exhibit, Adventurous Colors by the artist, Cecile Brunswick, on the polished marble walls of the historic Kaufman Arcade this month.

Adventurous Colors by artist, Cecile Brunswick ~ Do you see a pianist in the painting to the right?

The Belgium-born, New York-based, artist, Cecile Brunswick is known for her colorful abstractions. We admired her work last year in the lobby gallery at 4 Times Square with Chashama, and we can see within her patterns the influence that being raised in a musical family has had on her work.

Garment District Alliance Art-GothamToGo
‘Adventurous Colors’ by Cecile Brunswick

Not only do her paintings brighten up the lobby of the Kaufman Arcade, but you will notice the slowing down of those hurrying to the bank of elevators, as they recognize (a personal interpretation) something only they can see within the lines.

Artist Cecile Brunswick for Garment District Alliance in Kaufman Arcade

“Cecile Brunswick’s work exemplifies the vibrancy and creativity of the Garment District neighborhood,” said Barbara A. Blair, president of the Garment District Alliance. “We encourage all New Yorker’s and visitors to attend this wonderful exhibition, as we continue to showcase talented local artists through the Garment District Space for Public Art program.”

art exhibit in Kaufman Arcade
Artist, Cecile Brunswick in ‘Adventurous Colors’

“Brunswick’s paintings are reminiscent of a child who, after being given a pencil or crayon, repeatedly draws over a piece of paper until it is fully covered. Often described as “doodling”, Cecile started the linear paintings in this exhibit by drawing with an oil filled brush on her canvas until the entire surface was covered. Swaths of colored paint were then strategically added so the finished composition was well-balanced in terms of shapes and colors. The end results reflected her daily emotions, as well as her passion for music as a classical singer.”

Adventurous Colors by Cecile Brunswick will be on view through June 1, 2018 at the Kaufman Arcade building, 132 West 36th Street, by The Garment District Alliance.  The exhibit is Free and accessible to the public.

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