AIA New York Announced ‘Salvage Swings’ by Somewhere Studio ~ Winner of 2019 City of Dreams Competition on Roosevelt Island!



Salvage Swings by Somewhere Studio. Image: Somewhere Studio

AIA New York announced the winner of the 2019 City of Dreams Competition ~ Salvage Swings by Somewhere Studio, led by Charles Sharpless, AIA, and Jessica Colangelo. The temporary annual summer installation will move to a new location this summer ~ Lighthouse Park on Roosevelt Island!

Salvage Swings by Somewhere Studio. Image Somewhere Studio

The annual competition is hosted by FIGMENT, the AIANY Emerging New York Architects Committee (ENYA) , and the Structural Engineers Association of New York (SEAoNY). The City of Dreams Pavilion, so named for its focus on the future of a world that faces strains on both economic and natural resources, aims to promote sustainability-oriented thinking amidst the architecture and design communities, requiring designers to consider the environmental impact of their designs from materials sourcing to disposal (or ideally reuse) of waste at the end of the season.

Photograph of fitting together swing parts via

Salvage Swings utilizes scrap cross-laminated timber panels salvaged from an ongoing construction project at the University of Arkansas to create a fun and inviting summer pavilion. The pavilion is constructed of 12 swing modules that frame the swinger and the swinger’s view. The modules, which are held together with an oversized finger joint, are identical in size but made unique through a playful patterning of painted hatches and windows. The material cut-out of the panels for that create the windows is reused to make the swing seats. At Roosevelt Island, the modules are organized in a triangular form, enabling community swinging while creating a covered seating areas and a interrupted visual field, enabling hide-and-seek games. The generous central space created by the 12 structures can also host community events. Following the summer, the individual swing modules will be relocated to parks and schools across New York City.

Photograph of finished swing module prototype on University of Arkansas campus via

The team will work with FIGMENT, ENYA, SEAoNY, the Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design, and the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation to select the exact site for Salvage Swings, refine the design, obtain necessary approvals, and fabricate and install the pavilion on the island.

Salvage Swings by Somewhere Studio. Image Somewhere Studio

Salvage Swings is accepting tax-deductible donations to support the fabrication, installation, and maintenance of the pavilion on Roosevelt Island for the 2019 summer season. Donations can be made to the project’s Kickstarter campaign. Get involved with FIGMENT this summer as a Volunteer. FIGMENT NYC will take place on June 1-2, 2019.

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