Andrew Thiele: Moral Compass at Faction Art Projects Harlem



Artist, Andrew Thiele, ‘Minimalism’

Faction Art Projects opens its doors to Andrew Thiele: Moral Compass, a four-day solo exhibition of new urban, mixed media collage works. The exhibition of the Harlem-based artist will feature over twenty new large-scale artworks. Throughout the show, there will be a calendar of events including a workshop, a jazz performance and a book signing of Thiele’s newest publication.

The title Moral Compass is inspired by the compass as a symbol of navigation ~ In this case, the navigation of the artist in the art world. In a world where gimmicks and vanity are a norm, Thiele looks inside himself to discover the true purpose of his art.

Artist Andrew Thiele, ‘Checks’

Thiele’s work reflects the life surrounding him, influenced by the city of New York. This is evident in the grit and textures taken from the urban decay of the city’s walls and the mixed media found objects such as torn posters and city signage. While each piece may take on different physical forms, there is a common underlying message of growth and self-reflection throughout. The works urge viewers to take a step back from the rate race of competitive city life and remember themselves, while also taking notice of those everyday aspects of life that might normally be forgotten.

Among the works are Checks (above) which consists of over 100 pairs of cut sneakers assembled onto the canvas and then painted. Through the center runs a large gold Swoosh, but not as a homage to Nike, rather a representation of the artist’s journey. The Thiele the symbol is a checkmark ~ getting things done and checking off the list ~ moving on to the next level.

Artist Andrew Thiele, ‘Father Time’

The exhibition’s location and artist’s place of residence in Harlem is also represented in works such as Gold Items, which is an installation of gold leafed found objects sourced in Harlem, from Cafe’ Bustle cans to Hennessy bottles. Through turning the mundane objects gold, Thiele is asking viewers to revalue those things we take for granted.

“In this body of work, I wanted to push the concepts of morals because I feel it is something that is lost today. Too many people are chasing “likes” chasing trends and gimmicks. The compass is a representation of navigating through the big city as an entrepreneur and an artist. My true self can be found at the center of my compass. I want my work to represent value. Not the value you give the finished painting, but the values you stay true to while creating it.Andrew Thiele.

The four-day exhibition, Andrew Thiele: Moral Compass, will be on view from Thursday, June 27 through to Sunday, June 30, 2019 at Faction Art Projects/Gallery 8 is located at 2602 Frederick Douglass Boulevard at 139th Street in Harlem. Opening Reception to be held on Thursday, June 27, 6pm.