“Appearances and Disappearances” @ North of History



Image courtesy of the gallery

The gallery, North of History, opened its doors this month to the photographic exhibit, “Appearances and Disappearances,” featuring works by Sanaz Mazinani and Rola Khayyat.

Based on personal experiences, this timely two-women exhibit showcases images depicting “the difficult and often dangerous aspects of growing up in a volatile and unstable Middle East environment.” Sanaz Mazinani from Iran and Rola Khayyat from Lebanon.

Their photographs bring to life the human ability for survival, a window into the impact of military violence on childhood, daily life, memory and identity.

Sanaz Mazinani is an artist, curator and educator based in San Francisco.  Rola Khayyat is an artist, curator and educator based in New York.

Appearances and Disappearances will be on view to May 23, 2018 at Gene Kaufman’s gallery, North of History, located at 445 Columbus Avenue, corner of 81st Street.

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