Art House to Take Over Barney’s New York Building at 660 Madison Avenue




I660 Madison Avenue, NYC. mage courtesy ArtHouse

Art House, the world’s first fine art hub of its kind, will open its doors in November 2021 at 660 Madison Avenue, the former flagship location of Barneys New York. Art House is envisioned by Co-Founders Michael Plummer, Jeff Rabin, and Geoff Fox, the team who previously collaborated to bring TEFAF to New York in what was a game-changing moment in what an art fair could be. Boasting an architectural refresh by Kulapat Yantrasast and the team of WHY Architecture, Art House provides fresh solutions to the critical needs of a new era in the art world.

Life-long New Yorkers, Plummer and Rabin have a deep understanding of the role that art and culture play in the life of the city and the livelihoods of the art community, which was key to the development of the Art House concept.

The Opening will be November 4, 2021 with an Opening Benefit Event, ‘Women Who Dared & Nurse Heroes‘ on November 3, 2021.

Rendering WHY ARTHOUSE © Workshop HY Architecture & Design DPC

To inaugurate its New York space, Art House will launch its flagship event concept, Art House New York Fall in November. Opening on November 4, 2021, this unique event will present 60 exhibitors within dedicated sections situated over five floors of the building, including the fabled former Barneys New York windows on Madison Avenue, 60th and 61st Streets. This will be followed by a Spring edition in May 2022. Between the two marquee events there will also be additional programming to be announced.

“Art dealers and galleries need exhibition platforms that are more sustainable and flexible than the traditional modes of art fairs and brick-and-mortar gallery spaces,” says Art House Co-Founder Michael Plummer.

Reimagining traditional business models of the art world with an inspired vision that speaks to a new generation of artists and collectors entering the market today, Art House will also attract established collectors who are seeking other alternatives to art fairs. It will feature a combination of private salon viewing rooms for international galleries, a VIP member’s club in the former Fred’s restaurant, and year-round flexible event spaces to host seasonal fairs and cultural programming. To further their global reach, exhibitors will have access to a robust online viewing platform, making works of art available to a wider collecting audience.

Rendering WHY ARTHOUSE © Workshop HY Architecture & Design DPC

Art House recognizes the importance of culture and creativity in the regeneration of cities around the world. It will be an active partner along with cultural institutions and other creative initiatives in the effort to revive our creative economy. A full program of major events to coincide with New York City’s arts calendar, as well as future locations for Art House pop-ups, will be announced later this fall.

Authentic Brands Group partnered with Art House to achieve their goal of bringing fine art, cultural installations and entertainment to the beloved space, while fostering creativity and community in New York City. The collaboration between Art House and ABG would not have been possible without the contributions of Jill Dienst of Dienst + Dotter Antikviteter who shared their vision and facilitated this connection to make Art House at 660 Madison a reality.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with ABG on this venture,” said Art House Co- Founder Jeff Rabin. “After a tumultuous year and in the wake of the global pandemic, Art House aims to provide galleries with turnkey solutions to support their recovery and build back a stronger, more vibrant art community in New York.”

Floorplan courtesy ArtHouse

Foundational to its mission, Art House will also present generous cultural programming that supports an evolving dialogue on critical sustainability issues impacting the environment, the economy, and the arts. During the inaugural season Art House will partner with Nurse Heroes to showcase, Women Who Dared, a selection from the collection of Sandi and Bill Nicholson, comprising 50 never- before-seen artworks by women spanning 2,500 years. The exhibition’s opening event will benefit Nurse Heroes, a non-profit initiative to provide educational scholarships to prospective nurses around the country to counteract a global shortage of nurses.

A full roster of robust programming, lists of member galleries, and event details will be announced in fall 2021.

About Art House ~ Art House is a new platform for the art community, fashioned in response to changing global dynamics; seismic dislocations in how art is created, shared, and collected; and the implications of generational shifts in taste and behavior. Art House addresses the critical needs of a new era in the art world and provides a space for dialogue on the vital societal issue of sustainability in the environment, the economy, and the arts. In addition to welcoming members to its flagship headquarters in New York City, Art House curates mid-sized fine art events in prime collecting communities in the United States, reconnecting artists, museums, collectors, and galleries by creating an environment for meaningful engagement. Art House will premiere the Art House New York Fall, the first in a series of annual events in the US, in November 2021, with approximately 60 exhibitors.

Located at 660 Madison Avenue, the site of the former Barneys New York, Art House features cultural programming, produced in partnership with leading cultural institutions, that attracts an audience of knowledgeable collectors, curators, artists, and art enthusiasts. For more information, visit

Meet the Team from L-R: Liz Anderson, Operations Director; Geoff Fox, Managing Partner; Linda Lees, Director of Programming & Museum Relations; Jeff B. Rabin, Managing Partner; Chris Etcheverry, IT Director; Liza Lan, Business Director and Michael Plummer, Managing Partner

About the Founders ~ Michael Plummer and Jeff Rabin, Co-Founders of Artvest Partners, and Geoff Fox, Principal of Touchstone Event Management, have joined forces to create Art House. Founded in 2009, Artvest Partners advises art collectors, institutions, and businesses on confidential, bespoke research and strategic analysis, in addition to developing its own direct investments in the industry. Founded in 2011, Touchstone Event Management services organizations from multiple industry sectors, delivering strategic and operating solutions.

These two organizations most recently partnered on the creation of TEFAF New York, which debuted in October 2016. This collaboration was an instant critical and commercial success, and it quickly became integrated into the cultural fabric of the Americas.



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