Art on Paper New York ~ September 9-12




Images courtesy of Art on Paper

Art on Paper returns to downtown Manhattan’s Pier 36 this September with 75 galleries featuring top modern and contemporary paper-based art. Continuing the Fair’s historical alignment with New York City’s Arts week and The Armory Show, Art on Paper will take place from Thursday, September 9th through Sunday, September 12th. Tickets are on sale now.

The renowned fair, known for its medium-driven focus, will continue to showcase unique and powerful projects in its seventh edition. The visual, experiential moments that have set Art on Paper apart in year’s past and established it as an important destination for the arts in New York City, will yet again be on display through a myriad of installations, both large and small, that push the boundaries of work on paper.

Images courtesy Art on Paper

Special Installations ~ Artist Samuelle Green will present one of the public projects this year. Green’s work, especially the large scale installations, reference the complex and often overlooked art forms found in nature, and thus inspire contemplation. In her piece for Art on Paper, the hundreds of thousands of book pages, typically consisting of paperbacks slated for recycling, will be rolled into the stitched fencing of chicken wire to create an undulating, riverlike structure that will course through the front of the fair.

Additionally, ESPO’s ART WORLD, the storefront gallery devoted to the art of contemporary artist and muralist Stephen Powers, will be building an immersive print-making studio at the fair. As a center for community engagement since 2012, ESPO’s ART WORLD looks forward to introducing the larger art world to the language and art of Stephen Powers and the great 4th Avenue Press printing squad. They will be offering very limited, affordable editions every day of the fair, and will also be printing on whatever the public brings them to print on for free – whether it be a piece of paper, a pizza box, a t shirt, the back of a signed Picasso etching -any object that fits will be pressed. A new option will be available every day.

One of a series of Cid-de-poule, literally meaning hen’s nest – but also used to mean ‘pothole’ as seen on so many New York Streets. Image courtesy Living with Art Salon, Connie Lee, for the exhibition Pattern Migration.

Above image by artist Capucine Bourcart, who can be found with InSight Artspace gallery, Booth 17.  On the heals of the exhibition, Pattern Migration at Living with Art Salon, Bourcart currently has a large-scale outdoor art installation entitled Plastic Fantastic! at Harlem Art Park ~ And we must mention one of our favorite exhibitions by this artist ~ her ‘Dream Series‘.

Other highlights include a third installation presented by Duane Reed Gallery by Rebecca Hutchinson, whose acclaimed sculptural work is a profusion of color harmonies, floral textures and absorbing detail as well as a special talk and installation presented by The Suites.

Art on Paper welcomes the following partnerships for this year’s fair: Artsy, Pier 36, Artnet, ArtTable, Aetna Fine Art Logistics, American Express Centurion, Parlor Social Club, Women of Culture, The Suites,, and Art & Object.

Art on Paper will be located on Pier 36, on the Lower East Side and will be on view from September 9 ~ 12 as follows:

Art on Paper Select VIP Preview will take place on Thursday, September 9th from 5:00 to 6:00pm; Art on Paper Opening Preview will occur from 6:00 to 9:00pm on that same date.

Public Fair Hours ~ Friday, September 10th from 11:00am to 7:00pm; Saturday, September 11th from 11:00am to 7:00pm; and Sunday, September 12th from Noon to 6:00pm.