Art on the Ave NYC in Midtown East with the Exhibition ‘Intersections’



Kelsey-Marie Mohammed at 875 Third Avenue, NYC

Art on the Ave NYC, the public arts program originating on the Upper West Side by founders Barbara Anderson and Jackie Graham, is a community-based initiative, supporting local artists with a view towards revitalization of our neighborhoods.

We’ve been following the initiative up and down Manhattan, from the Upper West Side and the West Village, to Downtown and its current neighborhood ~ Midtown East, with the exhibition ‘Intersections’.

The Art Walk Map for the Midtown East exhibition ‘Intersections’ – a great way to get outside while socially distancing

“The Intersections theme closely aligns with the Art on the Ave NYC mission to “regenerate neighborhoods by bringing art, community and commerce together.”Through this initiative, vacant storefronts are transformed into temporary galleries, providing a showcase for the work of under- represented and emerging artists. Communities, in turn, benefit from the visual impact and positive energy provided by the art.”

“Each participating artist was asked to explore, interpret and express the concept of “Intersections” in a visually compelling way. Every artist has a unique story to tell, which you, the viewer, can observe — and you can also hear the artist talk about their art, by clicking on a QR code next to each artwork.”…..Susan Davis-Eley co-curator, ‘Intersections’

Al Johnson, 649 Lexington Avenue

“This consequential period in history has been a catalyst for creativity and change. During these times, artistic expression becomes especially powerful, channeling the emotional pulse of society.”

“We are at an “intersection” of change, which will move us in previously unexplored directions. Artists play an important role in chronicling historic moments in time, such as now. As visionaries, they are the creators of dreams and designers of our environments. Artists are storytellers, teaching and inspiring the world.”

“We invite you to converge and intersect with some new and dynamic artworks by local New York City artists through this “classroom without walls.” Enjoy the journey!”….Norma Krieger, co-curator, ‘Intersections’

Sergey Dikovsky, 875 Third Avenue

Participating artists include

Located at 875 Third Avenue: Taeesha Muhammad, Aleathea Sappjimminez, Sage Gallon, Veron Williams, Sergey Ditlkovsky, Anna Gregor, Erin Lee, Natsuki Takauji, Al Johnson, Kelsey Marie Mohammad, Fukuko Harris, Deja Belardo, Xian Eley, Chao Wang, Katie Godowski, Ernest Timmons, Yite Wu, Eunice Kindred, Bonnie Josephson, Leslie Jean-Bart

Located at 575 Lexington Avenue: Dianne Athey, Chao Wang, Leslie Jean-Bart
Located at 649 Lexington Avenue: Eunice Kindred
Located at 649 Lexington Avenue: Al Johnson, Taeesha Muhammad, Fukuko Harris

Located at 551 Madison Avenue: Dan Williams, Leslie Jean-Bart, and Dianne Athey.

‘Intersections’ – East Midtown will be on view to March 20, 2022 at the locations listed above. Follow Art on the Ave NYC on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.