Art on the Ave NYC is Back ~ Next Stop: West Village in April, 2021




A Kevin Kinner mock up of potential West Village locations. Images courtesy Art on the Ave.

Art on the Ave was an idea conceived in 2020 by teachers struggling to find a way to discuss the trauma and tragedy of a year living in the middle of a Pandemic. They wanted an opportunity to provide a platform for their students to have a meaningful discussion about what was going on all around them. Asking artists to express this in a creative way, and showing the work in an outdoor environment, socially distancing, seemed like a great way to benefit not only their students and the artists, but also provided a nice artistic adventure the the local community.

Working with local property owners and businesses on the Upper West Side, Art on the Ave filled empty windows with works created by local artists ~ giving all proceeds to the artists, who had also been severely hurt by the Pandemic. That first edition was so well-received, Art on the Ave was encouraged to create a second edition. The theme for the next edition, Awakening ~ the location ~ the West Village.

Join a special panel of Art on the Ave creators and artists, and Village Preservation’s Director of Research, to hear about the project, the art, and the history of the buildings in which the art is displayed in the West Village on Thursday, May 13th at 6:00pm! Co-hosted by Village Alliance.

Art on the Ave NYC co-founder Barbara Anderson and artist Lance Johnson stand in front of Lance’s piece, We the People. Image courtesy Art on the Ave

Art on the Ave founders Barbara Anderson and Jackie Graham (Mothers & Daughter) chose the West Village because of its bohemian and artistic roots, beginning as a hub for local artists. It has since evolved into an area that displaced a lot of the locals that gave it its charm.

Art on the Ave NYC Banners lining Columbus Ave. This photo shows off our largest donor, IDB Bank. Image courtesy Art on the Ave

Speaking to the concept of ‘Awakening,’ Art on the Ave enlisted two new curators working with them ~ Susan Davis Eley and Norma Krieger, bringing a plethora of curatorial experience to the team.

Gallery walkers stand in front of AJ Stetson’s Masked NYC. Image courtesy Art on the Ave
They also have a strong team of community activators in Caroline Donahue, Chuck Thomas, and Michal Kretchmar who are working hard to engage neighboring businesses. These individuals are excited to bring activity and energy back to the West Village and they have been very helpful. Maria Diaz of the Chamber of Commerce has been kind and offered support as well and we are looking forward to a mid-April launch.


A second Kevin Kinner mock up of potential West Village locations. Image courtesy Art on the Ave

Using Art on the Ave as an outdoor classroom, students are invited to paint works inspired by their art walk, along with printable educational material for parents and teachers to download, grades Kindegarden through twelfth grade.

Artist Deb Fong with a group from a Gallery Walk. Image courtesy Art on the Ave.

Each participating artist will bring to the project their individual interpretation of ‘Awakening.

Participating artists include: Gary Buckendorf ~ Patricia Gordon ~ Kate Fauvell ~ Mark Venaglia ~ Carol Dronsfield ~ Mark Kleinman ~ Sofia Brunetti ~ Kevin Kinner ~ Bonnie Josephson ~ Alexis Portilla ~ Michael Anthony Pegues ~ Alisa Alferova ~ Xian Eley ~ Erica Jones ~ Melika Dave ~ Marcello Rudofsky ~ Joseph Laurro ~ Paola Bermudez ~ Ryoko Endo ~ Kevin Byrd ~ Teesha Muhammad ~ Fukuko Harris.

Ademola Olugebefola stands in front of the X Gallery window, part of Art on the Ave. His piece, “Confrontation: 1966” is a remake of a piece that he made during the Civil Rights Movement was created in response to the unrest of the time.
Image courtesy Art on the Ave

Art on the Ave has secured eight locations in the West Village, and hopes for a mid-April launch, continuing with a socially distanced gallery walk using digital and printable maps. Art on the Ave: Awakening will be on view  from April 15 to July 8, 2021. A map is forthcoming.

Art on the Ave NYC is a not-for-profit venture. Donations would go along way toward helping with installation and programming. Participating artists keep 100% of their sales.

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While you’re there, Salmagundi Club, Vito Schnabel Gallery, Art of Our Century, take a walk through the historic Washington Square Park.

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