Art on the Ave NYC Presents 50 Years ‘Til Infinity, A Salute to Hip Hop at The Oculus




Art on the Ave announced that, in partnership with Westfield World Trade Center, it will be hosting a week-long celebration of  Hip Hop in its Creative Spaces location in Lower Manhattan’s iconic Oculus. Events and performances will take place from August 14th to 18th. Spotlighting the talents of  local artists including DJs, MC’s, dancers, and graffiti artists, Art on the Ave NYC will bring together the 5 elements of Hip Hop for all to enjoy and engage with. Featuring performances by Meccagodzilla, MC Maniphes, Melanie Aguirre, Micaela Gonzalez, Lance Johnson, Shaniqua Benites, Vanessa Daley, and Barry Mason.

Image courtesy Art on the Ave NYC

“We are excited to continue this opportunity to provide exhibition and performance space for artists to present their talents through this interactive Hip Hop experience that is a salute to a global cultural movement ,” said Barbara Anderson, Executive Director of Art on the Ave NYC. 

Art on the Ave NYC has organized a week-long schedule of performances including live painting, dance with DJ beats, rap, and an opportunity for the public to contribute to a collaborative art piece. The space will be open to the public daily from 10am to 7pm. Scheduled performances are as follows:

  • August 14th, 12-2. Live painting with Lance Johnson and DJ Beats with MC Maniphes
  • August 15th, 12-2. Live Painting with Lance Johnson and Dance Performance with Melanie Aguirre
  • August 16th,12-2. Dance Performance with Melanie Aguirre and Beatmaker/Rapper Meccagozilla
  • August 17th, 4-6. Live Painting with Shaniqua Benitez, Barry Mason, and MC Maniphes and Dance Performance with Micaela Gonzalez
  • August 18th, 4-6. Rap performance and Hip Hop piano riffs with MC Maniphes, Vanessa Daley and pianist

ART ON THE AVE NYC is a community-based public arts initiative dedicated to the elevation of local under represented artists. We spotlight art in vacant storefronts in high visibility locations. By creating beautiful gallery walks in various city neighborhoods, we foster community engagement and provide the public with easy access to art. Past projects include: The Art of Healing (Columbus Ave, Fall 2020), Awakening (West Village, Spring 2021), Resiliency (Lower Manhattan, Fall 2021), Intersections (East Midtown, Winter 2022) Colors and Voices of NYC (Oculus, Summer 2022), Storytime at Fulton Center (Summer 2023)

While you’re there, take a stroll around the Oculus to view The Mural Project, Perelman Performing Arts Center and the newly renovated St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church.