Artist Jim Rennert Unveils Three Sculptures on Sixth Avenue and West 47th Street, NYC




Jim Rennert: Timing. This sculpture is over 12.5 feet tall. Image courtesy of the artist.

Three new sculptures created by artist Jim Rennert arrived on Sixth Avenue and West 47th Street. The sculptures represent the meeting point between the business world and the everyday lives of ordinary people. The three works – Timing, Inner Dialogue and Commute, embody three ideas key to the fast-paced life of New York City, for both locals and visitors.

Timing: a representation of a person looking anxiously at their watch, relates to the various aspects of business life and the daily struggle between yourself and others. From being at the right place at the right time to having the right opportunity, the importance of timing is essential.

Jim Rennert: Commute. Image courtesy of the artist

Commute: a figure sits on a bench, briefcase at hand, awaiting the commuter train. They honor the work that many Americans perform each day, work with less tangible results, bucolic settings, or physical engagement than  professions more commonly depicted in art such as agricultural,  industrial, or construction work.

Jim Rennert: Inner Dialogue. This sculpture is over 12.5 feet tall. Image courtesy of the artist

Inner Dialogue: the small figure that stands in the palm of the hand of a larger life-size figure is metaphorically speaking to their own conscience, showcasing the familiar feeling of having a conversation with that small voice within.

Jim Rennert’s sculptures, Timing, Inner Dialogue and Commute will be on view at Sixth Avenue and West 47th Street through 2023.

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