Artolution + East Village Students = a Gorgeous New Mural




The non-profit group, Artolution and the students at PS 751 & Harvey Milk High School came together to create an incredible mural capturing their diversity and individuality.  We were thrilled to come across it, and wanted to share a few pictures we took today.

ps 751 in the east village

Initial drawings created by the 60 students from 751M, the Manhattan School for Career Development and the neighboring Harvey Milk High School, were the inspiration for the mural.

PS 751 in the East Village

At the center is a 3-D phoenix-shaped portion, fashioned from recycled objects, painted and used as percussion instruments named ‘birdstruments.

Mural located at PS 751, 113 East 4th Street #NYC

The mural extends 160 feet long and 25 feet high and took approximately three-weeks to paint.


The mural, located at 113 East 4th Street between First and Second Avenues, was created by the students with the assistance of Artolution, a community-based public art organization with a social justice focus, and the law firm Paul Hastings LLP, which helped finance the mixed-media project.