Arts Brookfield brings Human Nature to the Grace Building




W.R. Grace Bldg – Human Nature April 2018

Arts Brookfield unveiled a new exhibition at the Grace Building this week. The installation, Human Nature, is a group show with 8 artists presenting 7 pieces inspired by ~ nature.

Artist Katarina Lanfranco, Cubold Sky, 2018

Using organic forms and visual cues from nature, each piece is a distinct interpretation of our environment and the complex relationship to it. Materials used to create the pieces include “organic materials such as plants and natural fibers to reveal creative interactions with the earth’s resources; others rely on the man-made and industrial materials, highlighting the contrast between the modern world and the idealized vision of nature we inherently possess.”

Artist Carolyn Salas, Untitled, 2018

Participating artists include Brooklyn-based artist, McKendree Key, New York-based artist, Katerina Lanfranco, Kristyna and Marek Midle,  Colin O’Con, Carolyn Salas, and Brooklyn-based artist, John Monti who exhibited his installation ‘Beauties’ at the Grace Building in 2016.

Artist John Monti

This is the sixth commissioned pedestal project by Arts Brookfield in the Grace Building.  Human Nature, presented by Arts Brookfield and curated by Tom Kotik, will be on view to May 18, 2018 in the lobby of the Grace Building, 1114 Avenue of the Americas ~ enter on 42nd Street.