Assembly for Chinatown creates Vibrant Murals for Chinatown Restaurants




Site #5: 388 Deli & Cafe ~ 1 Eldrige with mural by Sara Bao. Image via

A women-led team consisting of Rachel Chaos of Chaos Built, A+A+A Design Studio’s Andrea, Ari and Ashley, and the mural artists, Kat Lam, Rose Wong, Jennifer Palomaa, sarula Bao, Jia Sung, Vanessa Nguyen and Chanel Miller, with Volunteer Coordinator, Alison Chi and On-Site Coordinator, Alice Liu, along with Yin Kong, project curator and producer joined forces with Think!Chinatown to launch ‘Assembly for Chinatown‘ ~ beautifully personalized open-air outdoor dining spaces on nine sites for thirteen businesses (and more to come).

In the video above, artist Chanel Miller creates her mural on the corner of Bayard and Mulberry Streets. Her artwork pictures playful cartoon creatures feeding each other.

Site #3: Royal Seafood ~ 103 Mott. Mural by Jennifer Palomaa. Image via

Assembly for Chinatown was created to help local restaurant owners create DOT compliant spaces using materials sourced from Chinatown vendors, while navigating and complying with NYC health standards.

#6: Rong City Fishball ~ 19 Eldridge. Mural by Sara Bao. Image via

With the help of volunteers, this team created a help-a-thon to sand and paint the wood barriers, followed by a creative team of artists beautifying each space.

Site #2: Lanzhou Ramen ~ 107 Broadway. Mural by Rose Wong. Image via

The end result can be seen in beautiful outdoor dining solutions for Chinatown. These permanent open restaurants, managed by NYC DOT, allow restaurants to use the sidewalk adjacent, and curbside roadway space in front of their businesses for outdoor dining.

Site #7: Grand Tea & Imports/Delight Wong ~ 301 Grand. Mural by: Jia Sung. Image via

Sweet House Drinks & Desserts (below) was the pilot site of Assembly for Chinatown. The construction was built entirely off of volunteer funds and hands one year ago (July 2020).

Site #1: Sweet House Drinks & Desserts ~ 67 Bayard. Image via

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While you’re there, walk over to the Kimlau War Memorial, recently designated a New York City Landmark. Take a look at artist Bianco Romero’s new mural, Spread Love: Stop Asian Hate‘ located at 162 Eldridge Street. More art and installations close by. Take a walk on historic Doyers Street and enjoy the newly painted ‘Rice Terraces‘ by artist Dasic Fernandez for NYC DOT.

In addition, check out artist Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya, addressing anti-Asian racism in her artwork, including her Times Square installation, We Are More.