Atlas of the Third Millennium Arrives in Marcus Garvey Park



Atlas: The Third Millennium 2016-1017 by Artist, Jorge Luis Rodriguez in Marcus Garvey Park

With the temperature dipping to the mid-thirties, Atlas of the Third Millennium, along with its creator, the artist, Jorge Luis Rodriguez, arrived for the installation in Marcus Garvey Park this past November.

The Atlas: with Artist, Jorge Luis Rodriguez in the background

Atlas of the Third Millennium by renowned sculpture artist, Jorge Luis Rodriguez, was installed in Marcus Garvey Park on November 10th, surrounded by a host of onlookers and the President of Marcus Garvey Park Alliance/Public Art Initiative, Connie Lee. The artist described his installation as symbolizing the “magnificent multiplicity of Harlem and East Harlem, the cross-section through time of stellar individuals who have called Harlem and East Harlem their home, and those who continue to live, work and contribute to its cultural vibrancy.”  The 14-foot tall welded and galvanized steel sculpture, in the form of a ‘universe’ of stars, represents and pays homage to actors, writers, musicians, artists, educators, activists, entrepreneurs and leaders  — an entire community, inspiring each other as they face present-day challenges.”


Atlas installation in Marcus Garvey Park, along the Madison Avenue side, near 123rd Street in East Harlem

The Artist, Jorge Luis Rodriguez, above and below, directing the installation, which is located on the oval lawn on the Madison Avenue side of Marcus Garvey Park, at 123rd Street.







The sculpture was constructed entirely out of steel, with six five-foot modules composed of 312 stars that were combined to form a huge orb. The orb is placed on the back and extended arms of a crouched human figure, and sits atop a 7-foot tall column, on a star based plate that spans 5-feet in diameter.

The artist has a forty-year connection with both East Harlem and Harlem, beginning with his installation entitled, Growth, a permanent installation in the East Harlem Art Park, which was the first public work completed by the Percent for Art Program of the New York Department of Cultural Affairs in 1985.  In 2015, he had a solo exhibition at the Center for Puerto Rican Studies Library and Archives (CENTRO).  And most recently, four sculptures spread throughout Harlem and East Harlem through The Public Art Initiative.

Connie Lee, the President of the Marcus Garvey Park Alliance (Public Art Initiative) with Artist, Jorge Luis Rodriguez
The Artist, Jorge Luis Rodriguez with Néstor David Pastor Lopez from The Center for Puerto Rican Studies (CENTRO)


Installation of Atlas in Marcus Garvey Park, November 10, 2018. Job well done.

Atlas of the Third Millennium is presented by NYC Parks Art in the Parks, and the Public Art Initiative (a program created by the Marcus Garvey Park Alliance). The installation is made possible in part with public funds from Creative Engagement (LMCC), supported by the New York State Council on the Arts, with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the NYS Legislature and administered by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.  Funding has also been provided by the Marcus Garvey Park Alliance/Public Art Initiative, and the Harlem Community Development Corporation.

Atlas of the Third Millennium will be on view to October 1, 2018 in Marcus Garvey Park, located near 123rd Streets, on the Madison Avenue side in East