Beau MaCall: Buttons On! at Fuller Craft Museum ~ Let’s Take a Ride




Beau McCall. Image courtesy of the artist

Beau McCall: Buttons On!, a retrospective of the work of Beau McCall, will open this Saturday, March 30th at Fuller Craft Museum. The event will include a conversation with artist Beau McCall, guest curator, Souleo, and FCM’s Artistic Director and Chief Curator, Beth C. McLaughlin. McCall will discuss his creative practice, the significance of buttons within his work, and the exhibition’s pop culture and social justice themes.

So let’s take a ride! Beau McCall: Buttons On! at Fuller Craft Museum located at 455 Oak Street, Brockton, Massachusetts. Admission is free. The Opening Reception will be March 30th from 3:00 ~ 6:00pm.

Can’t make it? Beau McCall: Buttons On! is also available as an exhibition catalog from the Beau McCall Studio. The catalogue boasts nearly 100 illustrated images of works from McCall’s almost forty-year career (including that fabulous bathtub that I’ve mentioned on more than one occasion). This is his first-ever tribute to McCall’s cultural contributions and mastery of the button in art.

Proclaimed by American Craft magazine as the “Button Man,” Beau McCall creates wearable and visual art by applying clothing buttons onto mostly upcycled fabrics, materials, and objects. As a pioneering artist, McCall challenges objective hierarchies between fashion, wearable art, visual art, craft, and folk art while celebrating the global and historical use of found objects in art. His artworks, offering commentary on topics such as pop culture and social justice are held in the permanent collection of numerous public institutions and by private individuals, including the Museum of Arts and Design (New York, NY); Victoria and Albert Museum (London, UK); Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture (New York, NY); Debbie Harry of Blondie; Jeffrey Gibson; and more.

Catalogue image courtesy of Beau McCall Studio.

Contributions by Dilys Blum, Dr. Christine Checinska, James Claiborne, Michelle Millar Fisher, Barbara Paris Gifford, Stamatina Gregory, Colleen Hill, Beth McLaughlin, Kara Olidge, Eric Darnell Pritchard, Petra Slinkard, and Souleo.

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