‘Broadway: Now & Then’ Arrives in Washington Heights




Adrian Sas, Broadway: Now & Then. Installation view courtesy of the artist

“Broadway: Now & Then” is a captivating 4-foot-wide lenticular composition that seamlessly blends two distinct moments in history. As viewers pass by the installation, they will witness the enchanting transformation between a black and white image from 1910, loaned by the Museum of the City of New York, and the artist’s 2023 photograph of the very same location where the piece is installed. The flip between archival and contemporary images provides a unique perspective on the transformation of our city.

This site-specific installation displays alternating images of the intersection where it stands, at Broadway and W. 157th Street, in two distinct eras. Pedestrians trigger its lenticular, time-warp effect simply by walking by.

Transitioning from an archival image which depicts the site in 1910, into a contemporary photograph of the same location taken by Adrian Sas in 2023, Broadway: Now & Then publicly presents an unexpected and dynamic visual interplay that encourages contemplation of how time shapes our surroundings.

In the contemporary photograph, cars and e-bikes replace a horse and buggy, the subway entrance has moved, trees have grown in and clothing styles have changed. A gym and fast food chain occupy what was once a distribution hub for the dairy that was the first to supply New Yorkers with pasteurized, bottled milk.

This project is made possible in part with funds from UMEZ Arts Engagement, a regrant program supported by the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone (UMEZ), and administered by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC). It is permitted under the NYC Parks Arts in the Parks Program.

Image credit: Adrian Sas, 2023. Image courtesy of the artist.

Broadway: Now & Then will be on view through March, 2024 at the intersection of West 157th Street and Broadway in Washington Heights.

About the Artist ~ Born and bred in New York City, Adrian Sas firmly believes that art possesses the power to connect people and place and transcend time. This installation serves as both an homage to our city’s storied past and a reflection on its ever-evolving present. It challenges viewers to ponder the dynamic shifts that have shaped our cityscape while celebrating its enduring spirit.

She has exhibited photo/video and installation-based artworks at museums and festivals in the US and abroad including at Tribeca Film Festival’s iPlayground, Brooklyn Children’s Museum, Toronto International Film Festival’s digiPlaySpace, Staten Island Children’s Museum, and Miami Filmgate.