Buy Local East Harlem Meet & Greet ~ March 6th



Sprinkle Splash ~ one of the many local businesses in La Marqueta

Buy Local East Harlem Meet & Greet is a chance to create sustainable relationships between local merchants and local companies & institutions in East Harlem.  Come and meet your neighbors ~ the owners of local businesses ~ the people who make the community unique, and the people who call East Harlem ~ Home.

Those wondering what businesses might be in East Harlem will be surprised at the vast and diverse group of members, all listed by name and category by East Harlem Community Alliance, Union Settlement Business Development.

“According to the 2016 East Harlem Commercial District Needs Assessment published by the NYC Department of Small Business Services (SBS), over $804 million is spent outside the neighborhood each year. Institutional buyers purchase in such large quantities and frequency that even a slight change in their buying policy can cause a significant impact, thereby increasing small business sales and creating job opportunities here in East Harlem.”

The Buy Local East Harlem initiative is a monthly event, taking place at various locations throughout East Harlem.  It’s a chance for local companies and institutions to meet local merchants and learn about their products and services, and it’s also a chance for local merchants to network with each other. Next up ~ March 6th from 5:30 to 7:30pm at A’dar Lounge, Park Avenue at 116th Street. RSVP required by emailing or calling Michelle Cruz, or call 646-545-5202

Save the Dates for future Meet & Greets on April 24th, May 29th, and June 26th.

Follow East Harlem Community Alliance/Union Settlement Business Development on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Looking for a Restaurant in East Harlem? Check out A Taste of East Harem Interactive Map!

Graffiti Wall of Fame

Stroll by the Guerrilla Wall and East Harlem #100GatesProject  ~  Get ready for a new exhibit at a local gallery! Check out some great street art at White Park or Art Park or the Graffiti Wall of Fame, and the historic El Barrio murals.

Are you an East Harlem Business?  Consider Membership.

Have questions?  Contact Michelle Cruz at or call 646-545-5202

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