Creating The Audubon Sculpture Project



On the Broadway Mall, at the entrance to the West Side Arts Coalition, at Broadway & 96th Street

The National Audubon Society, Gitler &___ , NYC Audubon and the Broadway Mall Association have a very special installation scheduled for April, 2019.  The Project Kicked-Off with a Party on January 11th at The American Academy of Arts & Letters.

Here is a sneak-peek of what we might expect to see along the Broadway Malls from 67th Street to 168th Street, and the Kickstarter Campaign that will make this happen.

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Audubon Mural Project Flies into Jacob Schiff Park in Harlem



The mural, Migrations, on the south wall of the gymnasium at Jacob Schiff School Campus. Image via Creative Art Works

The Audubon Mural Project has been a quest to create public murals of the 314 American birds threatened by climate change, and this month the project added seven new murals PS 192, Jacob Schiff Park Harlem, unveiled by 26 youth apprentices. The murals display climate-threatened birds on the walls of this local playground.

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Revisiting the Audubon Mural Project in Hamilton Heights



Audubon Mural Project ~ This wall is Swallow-tailed Kite (and others) by Lunar new Year, located at 575 West 155th Street

A few years ago, the National Audubon Society and Gitler & __ Gallery collaborated to create The Audubon Mural Project. The project was inspired by the legacy of the American bird artist and ornithologist, John James Audubon, and the specific birds threatened by a warming climate. The gates were painted by local artists on the pull-down gates of local businesses from 133rd Street to 165th Street.

We were able to capture some of the images (below), and were inspired to re-post when we came across a Google Map of all of the gates in The Audubon Mural Project.

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