Celebrating the Life of Susan Elizabeth Frazier during Women’s History Month




1919 U.S. Passport photograph of Susan Elizabeth Frazier via commons wikimedia.org

In a highlighted section, on the back of this month’s Friends of Rhinebeck Cemetery newsletter, there is a short article on a remarkable woman, Susan Elizabeth Frazier, who we would like to shine a light on ~ as Women’s History Month comes to a closeBorn in 1864 in New York City, she graduated from the Normal School in 1887 and Hunter College in 1888, where she studied to become a schoolteacher. When denied employment because she was African-American, she sued the trustees of the 22nd Ward of the New York School Department because this was a violation of the department’s policy. She went on to successfully become the first black teacher in an integrated public school in New York.

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Celebrate Black History Month 2019 in NYC




Anthony Barboza, Grace Jones c.1970 courtesy Keith de Lellis Gallery, in the exhibition Light & Dark: Portraits of Distinguished African Americans

February is Black History Month, but The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture got an early start in celebration of what would have been Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s 90 birthday on January 15th with the new exhibition, CRUSADER ~ and  The Brooklyn Academy of Music will hold its annual event on January 21st. So let’s get the celebration started with a few suggestions to add to your list for Black History Month 2019, beginning now!

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On our List for Black History Month



Anthony Barboza, Debbie Allen ‘Dancer’, 1977

February is Black History Month. Here are a few suggestions & a list of biographies of Black scientists who changed the World!

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