‘Kim Carlino: In Here Together’ Opening at ChaShaMa’s 324 Fifth Avenue Location




Kim Carlino: Illusory Visions. Acrylic and gouache on stretched tyvek. 55in x 44in. 2021.

On the heals of her massive and colorful installation, Spectrum, in the Garment District, artist Kim Carlino unveils her solo exhibition, In Here Together, at 324 Fifth Avenue this week. Her large-scale paintings on stretched tyvek explore her desire for structure within the surface, finding ways to peel it back to play with spaciousness and ambiguous fluidity, creating mystical and playful moments of connection and interaction. Carlino’s work has continued threads of abstraction, color, pattern and an ongoing dialogue with the tension between organic and structured.

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ChaShaMa Brightens our Spring with Five NYC Lobby Exhibitions



Image ~ Impulses and Incrustations, Elizabeth Knowles at 200 Water Street.

We’ve seen quite a few artist-supported groups, teaming up with owners of empty ground-floor space, filling windows with art during this very difficult year, as we search for fun ways to connect while socially distancing.

But way before COVID-19, the nonprofit, ChaShaMa, supported artists by partnering with property owners, transforming unused space. In addition, they have provided free art classes for under-resourced communities, subsided 200 artist work spaces, and given 170 artists free space to present plus much much more.

This month, ChaShaMa brightens up our Spring with five lobby exhibitions and six brilliant artists. Take a virtual tour of each, below.

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EcoArt Project Launches ‘Rebound-NYC’ Art Pop-Ups, Celebrating Earth Day 2021




Arcadia for George Mason University (2020). Site Specific Sound and Light Installation – Presidents Park Greenhouse, George Mason University. 8’3’’W x 6’H x 1’6″D. Photo Credit Sam Nester.”

The nonprofit EcoArt Project announced the launch of Rebound-NYC, a new initiative repurposing empty storefronts as cultural pop-ups throughout New York City. Following the devastating effects of COVID-19 on New York’s businesses and streetscapes, EcoArt Project is teaming up with the nonprofit Chashama and local store owners to revitalize the streets of the city with exciting exhibitions that stimulate conversation on our environment and climate change through work by internationally-recognized visual artists and designers.

To celebrate Earth Day 2021, six artists create impactful experiences that investigate the state of our environment. The pop-ups engage artists working in visual and performing arts to present work with environmental themes, such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and recycling in Bryant Park and Union Square.

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ChaShaMa ~ Atmospheric Perspectives, a Group Show



Atmospheric Perspectives

Atmospheric Perspective: A Contemporary Approach to a Traditional Technique is a group show of twenty artists, members of the New York Artists Circle, who take a new approach to visualizing what exactly is the air we breathe and live in today.

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