Leo Park | Xu Yang ~ Two Solo Exhibitions at GR Gallery




Artist Leo Park

GR gallery is pleased to present “The Speed of Ice Cream” and “For The sake of Be who you Are” two concurrent solo exhibitions featuring Leo Park and Xu Yang. Both of these shows are the artists’ first solo exhibitions with GR and in New York.

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G R Gallery Presents ‘Blue Strokes ~ Artists from Different States in Africa



Moustapha Baidi Oumarou

GR Gallery will open its doors to – BLUE STROKES – a groundbreaking group exhibition showcasing multi-talented artists from different states of Africa: Mamus Esiebo, Daniel Tetteh Nartey, Atanda Quadri Adebayo, Moustapha Baidi Oumarou. This exciting show will reveal, for the first time in a public exhibition in the U.S. , the latest series of artworks that the artists have been working on for the past months. Appositely conceived for this occasion, this bold body of new works will independently invade the gallery space, contrasting and counterbalancing each other. The show will put together in total twenty original artworks, including paintings on canvas, works on paper and a print.

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LY: The Ways LUVS look, a Solo Exhibition at GR Gallery




LY: The Ways LUVS look. Image via GR Gallery

GR gallery is beyond excited to welcome back LY for her first New York City Solo show, after last year duo. Dubbed “The ways LUVS look”, LY will be showcasing her raw talent by revealing 15 new artworks created for this occasion. These canvases, exemplarily executed with the artist signature unlimited gray scale palette, will picture LUV, LY’s omnipresent character, in newfangled scenarios and occupations.

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GR Gallery Presents ‘DAZZLED’ in November 2020




Adam Lister, Portrait of Madame Moitessier

GR Gallery will open its doors to DAZZLED, a group exhibition featuring new works by artists Gao Hang, Kenz, Adam Lister and Kentaro Okawara. The show puts together 20 pieces, including paintings, works on papers and sculptures. The title is inspired by the unique style and visual approach that defines the four artists, able to forge, in four exclusive ways, a dreamy esthetic that misleads our visual realm.

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Adam Lupton: Cerberus to Open at GR Gallery




Image courtesy of the Gallery

GR Gallery will open its doors to ‘Cerberus’, the first exhibition of Adam Lupton with the gallery and in New York.  A total of 18 oil and acrylic paintings will be shown; this body of Lupton’s work grows out of his OCD, where performing mental and physical rituals, endlessly seeking assurance, and repeating mantras and projections make up his every day – mediating between himself and an unyielding “otherness”. Through this lens, the work weaves together individual and societal rituals, spiritual schizophrenia, and self-defining myth, thereby illuminating our various attempts at and desires for certainty.

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‘Dylan Gebbia-Richards: Viridescent’ at GR gallery NYC




Dylan Gabbia Richards courtesy GR gallery

GR gallery will open its doors to Dylan Gebbia-Richards for his first New York solo show. Dubbed “Viridescent”, Dylan will be showcasing his raw talent by unleashing 16 new artworks. There will be a vast selection of his signature wax pieces in various sizes and he will showcase for the first time ever his experimental glass works, developed last year during his residency at Bullseye Glass project in Portland. Together with these artworks Dylan will also launch his “Gems”, an edition-like body of small 3-D wax pieces.  

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