The Mural Project @ NYC’s World Trade Centers



Stickymonger in the window of 3WTC

We’ve been following the Downtown ‘Mural Project‘ in and around the 2WTC and 3WTC construction lots, now surrounded by a number of gorgeous new murals. With the Oculus in the background, the large-scale mural project takes viewers from Vesey and Greenwich Streets, down Church and Dey Streets to Cortlandt Street.

Let’s take a walk….

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Mural Project @ 2 World Trade Center



BoogieRez for the Mural Project at Two World Trade, just opposite the Oculus

It all started with a casual conversation between a gallery owner/artist rep and a chief marketing officer of a formidable new building. That was a few years & a lot of paint cans ago. The gallery owner ~ Doug Smith, World Trade Gallery ~ on the other side of the conversation, Dara McQuillan, 4 World Trade Center, Silverstein Properties.

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Ride for Mongolia @ Made Hotel NYC




Ride to Mongolia
Ride to Mongolia on view at the Made Hotel NYC

Dozens of acclaimed artists have come together for the charitable exhibit, Ride for Mongolia, in an effort to raise funds for the production of the first skate park in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

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An Artist Focuses on Endangered Animals ~ Sonny: To the Bone



We caught up with South African street artist, Sonny, on Eighth Street and Sixth Avenue in Greenwich Village this week, finishing a mural as part of a worldwide mural tour, and prelude to his gallery exhibit this month.

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#100GatesProject + NHEMA in El Barrio




#100GatesProject East Harlem

During the summer of 2017, The 100 Gates Project and New Harlem East Merchant Association (NHEMA) teamed up to bring local artists together with local merchants, beautifying gates in and around East Harlem. The project, which also includes Staten Island, is part of the New York City Department of Small Business Service’s Neighborhood 360 grant opportunity program.

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Dream Street Park ~ East Harlem




Who wouldn’t want to live on ~ Dream Street.  Well, in this case, we’re on 124th Street between Second and Third Avenues ~ and the dreamy mural is a depiction of a multi-cultural city painted by local children, most of them homeless.

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Banksy Painting the Town ~ Today, The Bowery Wall




Image via Banksy on Instagram

The illusive, renowned street artist, Banksy has been painting the town. Yesterday, West 14th Street ~ today, The Bowery Wall.

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The Historic Julien Binford Murals on West 14th Street got a Visit from Banksy




Banksy on Instagram

The mysterious, and much loved street artist, Banksy paid a visit to 101 West 14th Street – announcing his presence on his Instagram account.  Preservationists familiar with the building recognized it right away as the original home of the historic Julien Binford murals located at 101 West 14th Street.  Banksy’s latest addition  ~  a rat painted on the clock atop the entrance to the former bank building.  But less than a week later, the building owners removed Banksy’s clock. It will be placed in storage ~ future as yet undetermined.

Banksy on Instagram

……continuing to paint the town, Banksy at  ~  The Bowery Wall

The Bowery Wall, on corner of Houston Street, is a 70-foot protest mural displaying the plight of Turkish artist, Zehra Dogan, who was sentenced by a Turkish court to two years and nine months in prison for – painting a picture.

Below, read the history of the murals, and the great ‘save’ thanks to the efforts of Speaker Corey Johnson and Save Chelsea.

Mural located at 101 West 14th Street painted by Julien Binford in 1954

Update (February 28, 2018) Breaking News from Chelsea Now ~ Google NYC and Jamestown announced today that they will team up to help preserve the murals.  According to Chelsea Now, efforts by Save Chelsea, a preservation group, and Speaker Corey Johnson “bore fruit”:

“The effort bore fruit: Jamestown said it recently bought the mural from the developer, Gemini Rosemont, for $50,000, Michael Phillips, president of Jamestown, told Chelsea Now in a phone interview.”

Now ~ to find a home for the mural, with the hope of keeping it in the neighborhood. Under consideration, the Senior Center at Hudson Guild. Two other locations are also being considered. Stay tuned for updates, and read the history of the Julien Binford mural below.

Julien Binford (1909-1997) was an American Painter, known for his paintings and murals of rural settings in Virginia, where he lived.  In May of 1941, LIFE Magazine featured a four-page article on an art show at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts entitled The Eighth Exhibition of the Work of Virginia Artists in which Binford was one of 85 participating artists, whose average age was under 30.

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Honors Jesús “Tato” Laviera with new Mural at Taino Towers in El Barrio



Mural of Nuyorican poet Jesus ‘Tato’ Laviera by @donrimx at Taino Towers #ElBarrio

El Barrio’s Taino Towers celebrates the life of Nuyorican poet, author, playwright, and activist, Jesús “Tato” Laviera, with a mural created by well-known street artist Don Rimx.

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