Harlem Week 2020, a Virtual Celebration ~ Let’s Celebrate!



Artist, Vincent Smith’s mural (1999) Minton’s Playhouse-Movers and Shakers. 116th Street Subway Station, Harlem

HARLEM WEEK is an annual festival that celebrates one of the world’s most culturally rich neighborhoods with conferences, seminars, music, food, and more. This year’s digital HARLEM WEEK, from Sunday, August 16 to Saturday, August 23, brings the culture, history, resilience, and strength of Harlem to the world.​ 

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The Apollo Theater Celebrates Harlem Week 2019




On Monday, July 29, 2019 the Apollo Theater announced special programs and offers to celebrate Harlem and HARLEM WEEK throughout the month of August. HARLEM WEEK is an annual celebration of the best of Harlem which began in 1974 as HARLEM DAY, a one-day event of encouragement and fellowship in Harlem for New Yorkers. Given the huge success of the celebration, additional days were added to showcase the community’s rich economic, political and cultural history. HARLEM WEEK now offers over 110 events throughout the summer to over 2 million attendees, including participants and visitors from around the world.  HARLEM WEEK celebrates the many wonders of the historic neighborhood – including the world famous Apollo Theater.

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