Marinaro Presents ‘Elaine Reichek: Material Girl’




Installation view, Elaine Recheck: Material Girl. Photo: Marinaro

MATERIAL GIRL is a wide-ranging exploration of the relationship between textiles and painting, through nearly fifty works produced over the past four years. Though grounded in Reichek’s signature medium of embroidery, the exhibition also expands spatially to restage the studio itself as a site for artistic production, domestic life, and critical investigation. This exhibition will occupy both gallery spaces. This is Elaine Reichek’s second solo show with the gallery

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Marinaro Inaugurates New Gallery Space in Noho with Kathleen Herlihy-Paoli: Intermission




Image: Kathleen Herlihy-Paoli Roe, Row, Row!, 2021 Oil on canvas with beads 20 x 20 inches (50.8 x 50.8 cm

Marinaro will inaugurate its new Gallery One space at 678 Broadway with a solo exhibition by Missoula-based artist Kathleen Herlihy-Paoli. This body of work continues Herlihy-Paoli’s ongoing series exploring environmental, social, and political issues that permeate contemporary society. The artist is known for her frequent use of curtains and the theater set in her paintings, incorporating them as a vehicle to place her subjects center stage both physically and metaphorically.

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Lindsay Burke: A Shift in the House at Marinaro Gallery




Lindsay Burke: Late Night Brillance, 2021; Acrylic and dry media on canvas; 22.5 x 21.25 inches. Image courtesy of the gallery

Marinaro Gallery will open its doors to the second solo exhibition with the gallery by Lindsay Burke with her exhibition, A Shift in the House. In her new body of work, Burke presents a series of paintings in which the house is more than just a functional structure; it is, in Burke’s universe, a surrogate for the mind and body, offering a way to visualize the drama of living in the world itself.

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