‘Don Eddy: Higher’ on View at Nancy Hoffman Gallery




Don Eddy, Sea Side Swing, 2022, acrylic on panel, 33 x 16 inches. Image courtesy Nancy Hoffman Gallery.

Nancy Hoffman Gallery opened its doors to an exhibition of new work by Don Eddy. In this exhibition, more than 20 new paintings from 2020-2023 are presented, ranging in scale from 59 x 44 inches to 9 x 12 inches. This new body of work was made during and directly after COVID-19 lockdown in New York City. Eddy explains, “The streets were empty, there was nobody out, and in an interesting way, this became my city in a way it never had been before. I would take epic walks, and subway rides—I would just get off and start walking—and it had a profound effect on me. When the first wave of COVID started lifting, just as spring was arriving, it felt like a rebirth for myself and the city.”

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