Halloween at Grove Court in Greenwich Village



Photographed in 2011, AFineLyne

In addition to the Tricks, Treats, and Parades are the homes spilling over with Halloween enthusiasm. One of the Treats of this Holiday is the six red-brick townhouses that make up the private complex known as Grove Court, set back at 13 Grove Street. Every year, the residents of Grove Court fill the courtyard with pumpkins. Here are two photos we took on two separate years.

A little history  of Grove Court can be found in Off the Grid. #SavingPlaces #ThisPlaceMatters

Photographed in 2010, AFineLyne

Photo from the Archives

The portrait wall and South Beach Juice Bar on 124th Street and Lenox Avenue, Harlem.  Gone but not forgotten. Image via Ben Lieberman

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Photos From the Archives

This Friday’s Photos From the Archives – Remembering St. Nick’s Jazz Pub. Images taken by Ben Lieberman

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Photo From the Archives




This Friday’s Photo From the Archives is of the Spike Wilner Trio . Kicking off the Holiday weekend at Small’s Jazz Club on West 10th Street, Image via Ben Lieberman.