‘Underground Images: A History’ at SVA Chelsea Gallery




2021: Art Is!, Hyesu Lee (designer), Anthony P. Rhodes (executive creative director), Gail Anderson (creative director), Brian E. Smith (art director)

SVA Galleries presents an exhibition of more than 200 posters from its iconic Subway Poster Collection, which have covered the walls of NYC transit stations over the past 75 years. In addition to the posters, this time capsule tribute to the College’s history includes historical sketches, paintings, photographs, videos, and even a recreated NYC subway platform. Works by 93 celebrated graphic artists, including Milton Glaser, Paula Scher, Marshall Arisman, Paul Davis, and Gail Anderson, present a range of styles and mediums that tell the story of SVA from its inception as Cartoonist & Illustrators School in 1947 through today. Exhibition on view August 29th.

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