Celebrating its 61st Birthday, The Guggenheim Gifts New Yorkers with a Sensory Guide



The Guggenheim turns 61 today, so here’s a gift for New York, from New York—“Mind’s Eye: A Sensory Guide to the Guggenheim New York,” a new audio experience designed for blind and low-vision communities, and illuminating for all. Narrated by a diverse cast of quintessential New York voices, including both regular and renowned city dwellers—among them actors Bobby Cannavale and Maggie Gyllenhaal and Bishop Chantel R. Wright—the “Mind’s Eye” guide transports listeners to New York City, bringing them from bustling Fifth Avenue into the uplifting space within the museum.

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Basquiat’s ‘Defacement’: The Untold Story opens at Guggenheim




Jean-Michel Basquiat, ‘Defacement (The Death of Michael Stewart), 1983, NYC

Basquiat’s ‘Defacement’: The Untold Story is one of several exhibitions in New York City of late, focusing on the artists work, with this exhibit veering stunningly close to our current political climate, as Basquiat painted a bitterly similar story of race and relations between police and community. The Guggenheim chose to explore Basquiat’s role of cultural activism in the early 1980s, beginning with his painting, ‘The Death of Michael Stewart (1983), informally known as Defacement.

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Simone Leigh: Loophole of Retreat at The Guggenheim




Simone Leigh, Sentinel, 2019. Bronze and raffia, edition 1/3. Courtesy the artist and Luhring Augustine, New York at The Guggenheim

The Guggenheim Museum opens its doors to Simone Leigh: Loophole of Retreat, on the occasion of Leigh winning the 2018 Hugo Boss Prize.

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