CB 11 Presents an El Barrio Park Tour of 14 Parks!



The Manhattan Community Board 11 Environment, Open Space & Parks Committee present an El Barrio Parks Tour, exploring 14 parks in northern East Harlem!

Check out this fabulous itinerary beginning at Marcus Garvey Park South Gates (120th Street and Fifth Avenue). If you arrive early, be sure to see the new art installation, Susan Stair: Ascending the Mountain on the Madison Avenue side of the Park, closer to 122nd Street at the basketball courts. Marcus Garvey Park is home to the historic Harlem Fire Watchtower.

You’re also in for a treat when you reach Harlem Art Park (located next to Harlem’s historic courthouse) with its permanent art installation, Growth, by the artist Jorge Luis Rodriguez – it was the first Percent for Art installation in New York, in 1985. In addition, the park is hosting a new art installation, Capucine Bouchart: Plastic Fantastic!. You can’t visit El Barrio without a seeing the historic Keith Haring Mural ‘Crack is Wack‘.

The renowned artist Melvin Edwards has been in the new with his art installations ‘Brighter Days’ in City Hall Park through Public Art Fund. On your visit to Thomas Jefferson Park, you will delight in Melvin Edwards permanent sculpture ‘Tomorrow’s Wind’ which was installed in 1995.

The tour is free, but don’t forget to RSVP ~ and stay for lunch! Want to know what else is happening in El Barrio? Check here.