Celebrating The Cube in Astor Place at 50!



Save the Date, November 1st, for the Celebration of ‘Alamo‘ (Astor Place Cube) at 50!

It’s a Party!  A Birthday Party for the iconic ‘Alamo‘ sculpture, also known as the Astor Place Cube. The beloved spinning icon created by sculpture artist Tony Rosenthal, was the first public art in New York City, meant to be on display for only six months.  Art in public places has come a long way since 1967 and the Rosenthal installation.

The day-long celebration on November 1st will run from 11am to 3pm. Take one of 3 fifteen-minute Astor Place history snapshot “walk’s and talks“, presented by an Astor Place walking tour guide.

Get creative and build your own mini-spinning Alamo Cube ~ and collage it with hundreds of images of historic East Village.

Let’s go for a record by helping to keep the ‘Cube’ spinning for fifty continuous minutes – while raising money for the Go Project charity, providing year-round educational and family support services to low-income public school children.



Create Cube Origami, listen to shared-stories, memories and experiences – or share your own – as part of the Strangers Project.  Remember when that man (Dave) lived in The Cube? Remember when The Cube was Yarn-Bombed? Ouuu ~ Squiggle Bombed? and The Cube ~ Cubed as a Rubic’s Cube?

Music provided by the Grace Church School Choir and orchestra, and don’t leave without a slice of Cube inspired Birthday Cake!

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*Astor Place ‘Happy Birthday, Alamo!‘ is co-sponsored with the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation.