Charlie Hudson: Points of Distraction, a two-part exhibition, at Ki Smith Gallery, East Village




Charlie Hudson, Points of Distraction, Part-Two at Ki Smith Gallery

Points of Distraction, a two-part exhibition featuring new sculptural paintings by Charlie Hudson, explores our  city from a stoplight in Williamsburg at 4am to the glaring sun refracting off a glossy skyscraper in Midtown. Exhibited in two-parts, the second installation will present our cityscapes mosaicked into an immersive, panoramic view of a single street corner.

Charlie Hudson, Points of Distraction, Part-Two at Ki Smith Gallery

Hudson’s studio pulsates with music from different eras as he paints, and he takes inspiration from the surrounding art books, their pages opened to Louise Nevelson’s wooden wall pieces, Monet’s garden portraits, and theincandescent dot painting of Aboriginal Australian artist Yannima Tommy Watson. These images and sounds seep into his textured depictions of the city, each work emerging as an energetic amalgam as diverse as New York City itself.

Hudson describes this installation as an invitation to physically step inside the color-filled world he has long portrayed in his two dimensional paintings and murals, cheekily referencing when characters of the beloved late-90’s kids show Blue’s Clues lept into pictures on their walls, exclaiming, “Blue-skidoo, we can too!” When exploring Points of Dis- traction, the individual works begin to melt together, transforming the gallery into a surreal stage in which the viewer becomes the star performer. The intentional lack of people in the work facilitates this transformation. Like a good host, Hudson’s work allows its guests to shine and doesn’t hog the conversation with didactic theories or narratives.

Artist, Charlie Hudson. Image courtesy Ki Smith Gallery

Charlie Hudson is an Australian-American artist who lives and works in New York City. Hudson layers playful brushstrokes and geometric forms to produce expressive, dream-like depictions of his surroundings. He approaches his serene rural landscapes and dazzling cityscapes like a master Impressionist, capturing the shifting light and movement of moment spent in each location. His sculptural constructions add new depths of field to each composition, providing the viewer with an immersive glimpse into Hudon’s experience of the world: “The paintings come to represent the feelings of being overwhelmed by the city, inspired by the city, and distracted by the city, ”(Juxtapoz, 2017).

Hudson’s work has been exhibited both nationally in New York, Miami, and Vermont, and internationally in Sydney, London, and Bali. In addition to his famed mural at the Burlington International Airport, Hudon’s public artworks can be found throughout New York City and around the world. During his time with Apostrophe NYC’s Base 12 Project, he participated in exhibitions at the Whitney Museum of American Art, MoMA PS1, Coney Island’s Luna Park, Mana Contemporary, and the MTA’s Kosciuszko Street J train station. He currently shows with Ki Smith Gallery, as well as Soap Box Arts and he has works in several prominent private, public, and corporate collections.

Charlie Hudson, Points of Distraction, Part-Two at Ki Smith Gallery

Charlie Hudson: Points of Distraction (part-two) will be on view from April 16 to May 9, 2021 with opening reception on Friday, April 16th from 4:00-8:00pm at Ki Smith Gallery, 197 East 4th Street, NYC. The gallery will be open to a limited number of visitors at a time. Please schedule an appointment on the website.

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