Chelsea Market Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with exhibition ‘Every Color’




‘Every Color’ installation view courtesy Chelsea Mark

Chelsea Market’s latest exhibit has tapped some of the most talented artists in the Latin-X community.  “Every Color” represents the Hispanic lineage that represents every hue, whether it is on canvas or in life. Seven artists have been chosen to represent their artistic discipline in relation to the Latin-X community.

Curated by Zaire Baptiste, this exhibit embodies the ethos of what Chelsea Market is, a melting pot for cultures, food and experiences; a destination for international and domestic tourists; as well as a food hall with a diverse culinary selection, many of which are Hispanic based.

‘Every Color’ installation view courtesy Chelsea Market

The styles, mediums and subjects are all intricate components of the artist’s lineage and the intersection of heritage and art.  Artists include: One Rad Latina, whose work is political while leaning on her family heritage.  She is an artist that has also become revered in the digital art and NFT sector. Artist Gabriel Pacheco is an NYC public school art teacher and merges multiple artistic disciplines to tell his stories, such as metal and woodwork. Artists Michael Casiano’s and Sherry Kunanate Vigdors’ art speak to their Taino heritage and the elements of nature.  Yeka Garzons and Crespo work in abstract tribal and female-based visualizations that have individually interpreted meaning. Artist Devin Valentin speaks to historical Hispanic figures in his poly-resin artwork.

“I think this lineup of artists and the artwork they are presenting is indicative of the rich history of the Hispanic community. The celebration of heritage is on display through their work and is so powerful it commands year-round attention, recognition, and engagement.  We are proud to partner with Chelsea Market and present this exhibit during Hispanic Heritage Month,” says Zaire Baptiste, exhibit curator.

‘Every Color’ will be on view through October, 2022 art Chelsea Market, 75 Ninth Avenue between 15th and 16th Streets in Chelsea, NYC.