Cherry Lane Theatre presents The Bench: A Homeless Love Story



Cherry Lane Theatre will be presenting the timely play, The Bench: A Homeless Love Story ~ true stories based on the lives of real people.

This thoughtful and emotional play follows the lives of five homeless characters in the 1980s hysteria surrounding AIDs.  The Bench opens a window into how differently time passes for the homeless, as the audience enters into a very different kind of ‘norm’ occupied by those who are displaced from a mainstream environment.

The sparse set projecting urban decay and rubble is viewed on a bench under the Manhattan Bridge, and integrated with hand-drawn art projections from Daphne Arthur’s graphic novel adaptation of the play.



The Bench: A Homeless Love Story, is a one-man performance, written and performed by Robert Galinsky, with audio design by Deep Singh. The play will run from October 15 to December 17.  The show runs 65 minutes, with no intermission.  Cherry Lane Theatre is located at 38 Commerce Street between Barrow and Bedford Streets in the West Village.