CITICIEN ~ 100 Puerto Rican Artists @ Taller Boricua Gallery in East Harlem



CITICIEN: El Barrio NYC, an exhibit featuring 100 artworks highlighting the historical and present-day impact of the Jones Act, will open at Taller Boricua Gallery on January 12, 2018.

The exhibit CITICIEN: El Barrio NYC will feature 100 Puerto Rican artists from the island and diaspora, each creating in black & white and at a specific size, showing a “visual consistency and commitment, acting as a metaphor of the unified voice and solidarity with Puerto Rican’s during this critical political time.”

Related programming will include artist talk, a series of short films and interviews.

The traveling exhibit, CITICIEN: El Barrio NYC is curated by Adrian Viajero Roman who is co-founder of Defend Puerto Rico.  The exhibit is meant to promote dialogue around the narrative of what U.S. citizenship has meant to Puerto Rican’s – on the island and the diaspora. It is also meant to “nurture greater solidarity and collaboration.”

CITICIEN: El Barrio NYC   Opening Reception will be held on Saturday, January 12 from 6-9pm – the same day as the Puerto Rican celebration of Las Tres Reyes Magos.  Taller Boricua Gallery is located at 1680 Lexington Avenue, East Harlem. Follow Taller Boricua on Facebook and follow this Event here.

Artist Talk with Adrian Viajero Roman, Closing Reception, on Saturday, February 10th from 2-5pm.